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  1. Yep that would be correct, it is an DPF switch abnormal update rate. I had the exact same problem on one our trucks, finally figured our that behind the fuse panel for fuse #18 one of the wire connectors had become loose. I pulled the wire out spread the tang on the connector and reconnected and haven't had any problems since.
  2. Dash is displaying code SPN#3695 FMI#9, my books dont show this code anywhere, can anyone tell me what they are? Thanks.
  3. On the cab bulkhead the highest number pin connector I have is 95, am I looking at the wrong bulkhead connector?
  4. Thanks again for the replies, so update on the problems............Just now got the headlights fixed, found that the vacuum pump installed after factory is driven by a belt off the PTO, however the belt had stretched or what have you and lossened enough to start rubbing against the harness inside the frame on the driver side. Further inspection revealed shorted wires. Note to self and all, next time do better probing into drivers activities when the prob. started. However still no luck on the Regen switch malfuntion and the engine code #3695.
  5. New update: Horn no longer an issue, fuses are ok, multifunction switch is ok, and engine code #251 is no longer appearing. However new issues have come forth such as display showing regen switch malfunction, and engine code #3695, and still no communication from pc to truck. Anyone have acces to a wiring schematic that be able to give me an idea as far as which plug or connector has all these in common? I'm sure its prob. just more water but my schematic wont arrive till next week. Any more suggestions?
  6. Hmmm thanks for the speedy replies from both of you! Well I checked fuses they are all ok. However after removing them and check the horn circuit the horn problem has since stopped. On further inspection I found some water in the harness connectors and I'm currently cleaning and drying them out but the light are still a no go and a different code has now appeared #251. I'm kinda just working in the dark now, we are a brand new shop for a new location. I have schematic or any kinda info that i really need! haha makes for a great time! going to start testing the multifunction switch now.
  7. I have a 2011 CHU 613, the headlights quit working, it went from the selector switch not changing from high to low, to now no lights working at all. Tried hooking a a code reader but there is no communication from the truck to the reader. On the truck display says on active fault code #230. And worse of all the damn horn goes off intermittenly now. Anyone had this problem before or have any suggestions? Thanks
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