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  1. Great photos of gorilla-sized Macks! The CCC's they replaced these with can't hold a candle to them! Would love to see any other old NYC concrete truck photos you have, Mack or other breeds!
  2. 12.00x24's will fit on your B-81, just keep in mind the comments above if you are planning to use the same rims. The data sheets I have also show 13.00x24's as options for the front, but good luck finding any. You might find grader tires that size, but they aren't road-able.
  3. Osterlund of Harrisburg/Carlisle was a DR dealer and bought the rights after the old DR went bankrupt. They started building trucks in Harrisburg around '77. They fell on pretty hard times by the early 90's - I don't know exactly when they built their last truck. We owned several C-11664DB concrete trucks, and they were well built. I'd put them on a par with our DM's for toughness and reliability, and that's coming from a Mack man! We test drove several models over the years, including ones with the Deutz air-cooled engine. All trucks were the C-116 conventional with limited options, and later they added the C-120 with a more aerodynamic hood. Not sure what model number the Deutz's were. The best trucks came out of PA: Mack, Autocar, Diamond Reo! (in that order...)
  4. Does anyone know the last year Mack built DM800's?
  5. Scania had patents for direct injection around the time the 673 came out, and Mack may have licensed these, among other technology. Also, the END475 was a joint Scania product.
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