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  1. Forgot to mention truck is located in Huntington, MA. I also have the original 2 man seat that came with it. It is in great shape, no tears.
  2. I have a 1972 RD685S for sale. It spent its life in North Carolina as a wrecker. Very little rust and low miles. It has its original 237 with a 5 speed. A thermostatic fan and a jake brake were added. The radiator is in excellent shape with no leaks. It will need new batteries. It has good Michelin steer tires. Has 34k rears on camel back. It is double framed with some spreading behind the cab. It will need repairs to the roof where the air vent was. There is just a patch over where the vent was. I do have a good vent for it. It has a 4.50 ratio. Asking $4500. I will not sell to scrapers or exporters, it's in too nice a shape for that. 413-441-3165
  3. Jim, thanks for the heads up on those two places. I might be willing to go as far as the Midwest for a set of booms. they would have to be in really good shape. It would be even better if they were extendable booms.
  4. I am looking for a set of booms for a holmes 750 wrecker. I need the longer booms that were used on the tandem axle models. I am also looking for a wrecker body for a tandem axle. Call Matt 413-667-8726
  5. I am looking for a set of booms for a holmes 750. I need the longer booms for the tandem axle model. Extendable booms would be even better. Also looking for a clean rust free tandem axle body and rear tow plate. call Matt @ 413-667-8726
  6. I have a nice 1985 gmc general hood for sale. comes with headlights and all chrome bezels and trim. $500 413-667-8726 Located in Williamsburg MA. (western ma)
  7. Nice 2 person passenger seat. metal base has built in storage compartment that you access by lifting the cushion. slight surface rust, cushions are in excellent shape. It came out of my 72 RD, it is original to the truck. I hate to see it get thrown out. I can send pics via cell phone if interested. Located in Huntington, MA. (western MA) $50 obo 413-667-8726 leave message I will call back.
  8. I saw your truck at the south deerfield MA. truck show. looks great!
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Not sure where in NC the truck spent most of its life. I bought it from a company in Taunton, MA. They bought it for the Holmes wrecker body. They put it on one of their newer heavy RDs. I learned to drive on a 77 RD tractor and spent a lot of time working on Mack Rs eversince. I used to own a MH twin screw cabover, former penske rental truck. Hauled scrap steel to Albany NY from western MA area. Sure wish I still had it today!
  10. Name: 2stick6speed Date Added: Owner: 2stick6speed 2stick6speed
  11. Great site! I am trying to figure out how to upload pictures of my 72 RD685S Just got the truck last week. Spent its life in NC as a wrecker. I bought as a cab and chassis. Plan on restoring and putting a fifth wheel on. I have pics on my computer but cannot figure out how to upload to site, any suggestions?
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