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  1. Can't find it on Craigslist
  2. picture of the rotoray untitled1.bmp
  3. I am looking for a buckeye roto ray for my 1949 autocar!
  4. Thank you for your offer Ray but i have two lower offers. Trying to get the cheapest route so I can put it into the truck. Thanks Ryan
  5. Yes I did. I am a Philadelphia fireman and I am bringing it back home. Cant wait. Ryan
  6. I bought a 1949 Autocar firetruck ex-Philadelphia. I need it transported from Olyphant, PA to City of Chester, PA. It is about the same size as an L model Mack. Send me a private message or email at rtredenick36@aol.com Thanks Ryan
  7. Still looking for the original style fuel pump for a 707. Called about 20 different people and nothing yet. Thanks for any help.
  8. Yarnall Where did you get the 1925 Mack from? Firemack Let me know how much for the fuel pump?
  9. I do not have the original. They had an electric one on there and it causing problems. I will see you tomorrow at the glasstown muster
  10. Looking for a fuel pump for a Mack 707.
  11. Thanks for everyones help I got confused we were talking about two different trucks at the shop the one we are working on Yeadon fire co does have a 707 in it. They are contacting the mack museum.
  12. My dads shop Engine Powered Company in Chester City PA is rebuilding the motor in Yeadon Fire Cos 47 LS 85. I am helping and will be back down the shop on wednesday I will get the serial number. There are no old members left in the company the used the Mack so they dont know if anything was changed. What would the price be on a 707a and what shape is it. Firemack did you figure out your trans issue? Looking forward to seeing it. Great find always a fan of Hahns second to Mack of course.
  13. Rebuilding a motor in an LS85 Mack and it has a continental motor is this normal or would it have been a Mack motor?
  14. Thanks i guess haha. I know people were nagging him.
  15. I am posting a different topic again till I find solid answers on the disposition of Philadelphia apparatus. Looking for the 1978 Mack CF Aerialscope single axle? The 1986 Mack CF Aerialscope dual axle last known location Anderson construction Alleghany Av exit off I95 would not give out information on its disposition? And lastly the 1956 Mack B pumper last location was Firemaster Apparatus in Missouri? Any and all leads appreciated. Thank you
  16. His number would be great thanks. Also the location of the staten island junkyard would be great too!
  17. Just looking for anything pre-1970.
  18. Does anyone know of any junkyards in pa and nj that have firetrucks?
  19. I am looking for a B or L Mack emblem. The one that goes on the front of the truck that says MACK
  20. The only numbers I could find on the passenger side front of the motor were 5000 and 500005. Any ideas?
  21. Looking to purchase a 1951 Mack fire truck located in Andalusia AL. Need to bring in it to Philadelphia PA. Looking for some help.
  22. Thank you for everyones help i will let you know how i make out and i will post a picture.
  23. Is there a way to tell the difference
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