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  1. it is a 66 i restored it 3 years ago we drive this truck home from allentown in 66 and have had it ever since this truck is # 572 off the r line
  2. looking for a new way air ride air gauge the type that is lit and stands up off a 1/4 " pipe threadif you have one please call 330 503 4576
  3. ihave most of a cab air ride kit from a 86 r mack it is the type with 2 small bags if inerest call 330 503 4576
  4. great pic doug sorry i missed the show i tell ya its a good thing there wasnt a cat going in front of all them bulldogs some one may have gotten killed
  5. well denny looks like not only we liked the show and with this amount of responce next year hopfuly its dryer because may have to use the yard for parking "congrads" and thanks for a great time you and your wife are the best thanks jay
  6. you are wrigt big dog our local club has a fue small shows throughout the summer we just started a web site when it is up and running i will post the site maybe you may like to come out
  7. i had the f and the r models there the small size show was a big hit wit me and the guys that came with me good job denny your home is very welcoming and you and your wife went out of your way to make it fantastic i am looking forward to seeing farmers pics thanks again jay
  8. yes the truck in gold and white with a black stripe sorry NO SALE wright now but would link to know more about the truck the pic is comming it dosent look as good as yours rw613 but will try to get it ready for show in macgungie any info would be great thanks guys
  9. i have baught a 1981 f 700 that has a rased roof with a bench seat where the bunk was i was told that it was a test truck for a pump that is moumted to the rear of motor any one on here have any info thanks
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