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  1. 8 hours ago, harrybarbon said:

    Please J, do you have any more pictures of this beaut Mack with the hood closed, I would like to see it with the complete truck, thank you 

    Sorry Harry.  They were cleaning under the hood and stopped for my picture.  I meant to come back later for a hood down picture but never made it.  Maybe someone else who was at the show can provide a good picture for you.

  2. What is the VIN of the truck and engine number?  The engine number is located on the block just above where the generator is mounted.  It will start with EN.  That info would help analyze what you looking at. 

    At a minimum. the hood and the front fenders don't look quite right for an ED model.

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  3. A fine example of French impressionist art.  This bracket assembly does not appear to have ever been on a truck.  There is a little shelf wear on the plastic pieces.  Also some of the plastic pieces seem to be missing as can be seen in the pictures.

    PM with questions.  If agreeable, would prefer to ship in knock down form vs fully assembled.

    As is.  What you see is what you get.  Free dust and cobwebs with all purchases.

    Located in NH.  99% firm at $75.00 plus shipping.

    Midliner 5 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 4 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 3 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 2 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 1 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 6 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 7 - Copy.JPG

    Midliner 8.JPG

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