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  1. Wow, thanks for all the info. I really liked that show, still watch reruns on the discovery channel app. The company still doing well? I’ve heard they’re difficult folks to work for haha.
  2. Actual purchases. All the quirky postal specs included. The Ryder trucks were more of a bandaid to replace trucks that weren’t repairable or if we just needed more trucks.
  3. Well USPS is finally replacing the fleet of Mack’s. They’ve went with the International HV series for the replacement and they are steadily rolling in so the Mack’s are going one by one as the new ones roll in. I'm not exactly sure how they are selling them but we’ve already sold a few that had transmission problems. I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned this or not but I figured I’d post it in case somebody was interested in buying one. The box trucks were auctioned off on the fed auction site so they may be doing the same with these, not sure.
  4. I'm thinking about taking a job at the local Mack dealer as a tech. I've only ever worked for fleets before so dealers are a brand new animal to me so I have a couple questions. -What are the most common things your seeing trucks in for, you seeing a lot of the same jobs or are you getting a lot of variety? -Are most trucks in for basic PM crap or do you see a lot of driveability, electrical, etc. issues? Here is the thing, With fleet work you are constantly doing PM's. I'm getting sick to death of doing tires and brakes on a daily basis, I know it comes with the territory but it still gets o
  5. I don't think Volvo will ever kill off Mack but they may sell them which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Best case scenario is Mack falls back into American hands while the worse case is that a Chinese company buys them.
  6. Well turned out to be a bad expansion valve, nice and easy.
  7. One of our dumps is a 06 Granite with the 370, I am terrible with A/C systems so I figured you all were the bunch to ask. Driver was complaining it was blowing ice cold but was barely blowing as well as it wouldn't drain unless you turned the blower motor off at which point it would just pour a crap ton water out. So if he didn't shut the blower off every 15 mins or so it would back up and drain water all over the floor of the cab. One of the mechanics put a new filter in and rinsed and blew the coil off as everything was clogged with dust. It started blowing a lot harder but still wouldn't dr
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2010-Mack-Titan-TD713-Century-1075-S2-Rotator-/200699466002?pt=Commercial_Trucks&hash=item2eba9ed112#ht_500wt_1182 I'm not sure if it's been posted yet but that is a good looking Titan. Pricey, but nice.
  9. http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/aug/01/truck-hauling-radioactive-generator-blocking-traff/ "The truck is 399 feet long and has 192 tires. The 30-year-old steam generator weighs 380 tons and was on an 832-mile journey to another power plant in Clive, Utah, where it was to be stored." You have to look in the photo gallery in the link but that 380+ ton load is being pulled by none other then a Mack Titan. Oh yeah.
  10. Well it's still running like a champ, never goes over 200 now. That is one dirty running motor, damn thing smokes like a freight train under load lol.
  11. Well we pulled the radiator and flushed the hell out of it and threw a new waterpump on while we were at it. Refilled it with fresh coolant and it's running nice and cool now and the fan isn't on all the time. Even in hard pulls it's only running right at 200. So 2 thermostats, radiator, waterpump and complete coolant refill and we're golden. lol
  12. Well it's been put on the back burner. The boss just wants to throw a radiator and water pump at it and call it a day so that may be what ends of happening lol.
  13. Thank you sir, I'll let y'all know what I come up with.
  14. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Mack TSB's can be a pain to get a hold of.
  15. Thanks guys, I'll probably get into it tomorrow. I was told today that it was leaking water all over the floor so it looks like maybe the heater core took a dump today, we'll see when I can look at it. It may be important to mention that this is an old stockpile truck that spent most of it's life in a quarry. Only has 20,000 miles but around 3600 hours. Gives it a lifetime average of about 5 1/2 miles an hour.
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