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  1. Chris B, A local wheel specialist hooked me up with special centerless super single wheels from accuride. I wonder if anyone knows where I can get a MACK logo stamped in a steel plate for the tailgate of my truck. I believe Allmacks truck has what I'm looking for. PJP
  2. yes, the fenders have since been painted. I have not changed the engine yet and i'm not shure if i will. It runs great.
  3. the grey one is mine. It's not quite done yet but she's on the road. It's a blast to bomb around in!
  4. Thanks for the complements guys. I'm in Syracuse and my truck is B85F-1440. I have several options for running gear in the next phase of this project. First I need to finish the rear fenders and the interior. In the mean time I thought maybe someone could use this engine. If not I may hot rod it up (dual intake manifolds and carbs, headers ect.) This is kind of a hot rod B Mack. It's a riot to drive!
  5. 1961 Mack ENF707C fresh overhaul, runs strong. currently in my truck, so a test drive is possible. Best offer! call 315 433 4790 or 315 682 8171. Pete
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