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    i have been a mack firetruck owner since i was sixteen and am twenty eight now. i have been in the fire service about the same time. i like to collect things that are mack and fire history.

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    1969 mack cf pumper
  1. tried to email you, not sure if you didnt get it or maybe you already found a set, thanks, Justin
  2. i have some grab handles that came off of a 69 cf dont have one that is red rubber padded, i have the rails that go down both sides of the bed and the bar acrossed the back above the bed. if interested i can try to post some pics, thanks
  3. did you find the rear grab bars? i have a complete set. thanks, justin
  4. Hey, I have a 1969 CF 600 that I have listed in the classifieds today. I am going to either sell it whole or part it out. If I decide to part it out I will check the guages, I know the truck has dual batteries, but not sure if it is a single guage that monitors two batteries or if it has a guage for each battery. Thanks, Justin
  5. Hey, I have a mack cf truck that has a good cab on it. I am in Portsmouth, Ohio. If interested let me know.
  6. Mike, Ive heard that the dual ignition was something that mack did for the fire service, while starting the truck or if the truck failed during emergency operation the second ignition was ready to go.
  7. check out my new album

  8. Hey! just became a member of the forum. I know you post is older and not sure if you found a cab, I have a 1954 L model pumper I am parting out that has a good cab on it.
  9. Hey! just became a member of the forum I have a 1954 l model pumper that I am parting out. I know your post is older and you may not need them now but I do have a set of headlamps. you can e-mail me back if so at jhorsley@sciotocounty.net.
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