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  1. all possibility's back in black going down that road now looking at things in the head.
  2. had to float two machines yesterday not too far from home and it just runs rougher the more you drive it as it gets hotter. is lagging on the pull as that mis really kicks in down low. took off air intake at manifold and had a listen doesn,t seem any unusual noises in there and put temp reader on exhaust manifold at each cylinder and that seems ok. havent used start ya bastard as this truck has always started with a quick turn on the key and still does. only 120,000 on outa chassis rebuild. i think i realy should take that front cover off and check timing. and do a compression test.
  3. i put another pump on that i have and it made no difference steve. do you think if it was the pump some sort of change would show. the old pump i put on is turned up slightly and blows a bit more soot. still missing through all revs on taco not just at 1600.
  4. had injectors tested still the same
  5. ok changed governor today and still the same. not to hard a job while pump still on truck, just one bolt at the bottom a bit tedious. went for a test drive and throttle jammed on about half and couldn't get to shut down. problem was switch for dynatard screwed too far in and fouled up inside governor, another lesson learnt. starting to lean towards injectors. i think maybe send pump and injectors off and get serviced and macthed up?
  6. thanks fjh and steve p, checked the rollers they were all the same. the supply pump i put came of another working pump so i put that one on today and still all the same symptoms. i also plumbed up a clear line on the return side and the delivery to the primary filter at the same time. the result was no air on the delivery and supply side but air on the return. when reving engine you can see air in the return. i will give you a call steve after 6 est. and once again thanks for all the help.
  7. is it possilble to change the rollers over if needed?
  8. thanks steve your info is great. i missed the start of bathurst but caught the last fifteen laps ,that was a cracker. anyway still workin on truck got ready for yearly inspection and thought it was gunna pull up on me going thrugh the Harbour tunnel but made it to the pits on time and got passed for another year and then chugged off home again. now still to diagnose problem. a mate has another supply pump so am going to put that on and see if that makes any difference.
  9. so should fuel return from the head constantly or just under load. this line comes out of the head and to a T fitting on the return at the pump. the other line goes to the starter for luberication. and also does it matter wich side of the fuel gallery on pump the delivery and return goes? only running one tank on right side
  10. well haven't had a chance to do a video yet . but still tinkering. ran truck today and it feels like the chokes on. when you flatten ya foot plenty black smoke. one question though, when you take the return line off the head at the front of engine while it is running, should fuel squirt out?
  11. plenty of shiela's here in oz, and if your a fair dinkum bloke they will have a yarn too ya
  12. is that a tarp tied on the first crate or the drivers swag?
  13. just curios, could you tell if any wear on trnsfer pump as to the cause of it being no good anymore as i have had one apart and they look ok but how do you know there no good without buying a new one ?
  14. i will have video tommorow and try and upload. i think my nieghbours have had enough today. any feedback is appreciated. thanks
  15. ok had another go today. your right fjh, yes Ambac pump was one tooth out. got engine to run. knock has gone from number two and all cylinders getting good fuel but is still running rough.still has the same miss and like before when you muck around with it runs good at first and then gets worse. as usual getting frustrating but i know will get sorted eventually . got to stay positive
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