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  1. Hey randy,rain? you should come on up to virginia,it has rained here everyday for a month! anybody says anything to me about a "drought" is gonna have a problem!....Mark

    Yeah Mark,,we had gotten really behind on our rainfall, it was so dry and dusty here, its still raining here today and am really enjoying it too. I hope this puts all the varmints around here in a better mood, when I say varmints, Im refering to snakes, scorpions, bees, hornets, fire ants, etc. When it gets really dry here, they seem to get moody and intent on causing you pain, (more than usual). I came real close to getting bit by a timber rattler last week when I approached a brushpile to throw some trash on it. My daughter headed out from austin to tennessee last night for the bonnorou festival, I dont think i spelled that right, anyway, music festival, modern day woodstock,,LOL,,randy

  2. The rain hit Texas today, least the part I live in anyway. It was a welcome and refreshing sight and feel. It ended a several month long drought here, things had been really miserably hot and dry and dusty. It hit about lunch, i had just finished moving dozer and excavator back to a site I started last year, it had just gotten dry enough to resume clearing there, I guess now when rain stops, I will have to move back out, it will probably be too wet again but am not complaining, we really needed rain bad....ahh,,,cool rain,,,randy

  3. I'm gonna be attending a factory training school at Eaton in Raleigh, NC from 7/18-7/23. If any of you guys want to swap lies in person give me a call sometime between now and then.

    My number is: 309-219-2070 and it's always on, (much to my chagrin sometimes).

    Don't know if I'll be driving the "trusty, yet crusty" old Dodge, or "double nuts" but I'll be there.

    I'll have to see if they'd be pissed if I flunked.


    Well,,sit up straight in class, dont throw spitballs, be disruptive, and most of all, dont spit mouth pus on the floor,,,learn a lot,,Randy

  4. I do believe this is called the "snowball effect" LOL! anyone who's ever worked on an "older" truck has some expeience with this!........mark

    It is very comforting to me to know that im not the only one all that happens to,,,all these years i been thinking it was just me and my screwball ways,,,I feel so much better now,,thanks,,,Randy

  5. you got lucky that the tractor stayed up. most frame trailers like to take the tractor with you when they go over. First job in Trucking I pulled a 24' frame end dump. leared the dos and donts real quick...knock on wood I never turned one over (yet) but came close a few times.

    I turned turtle in one during my younger days, truck, trailer, and all (also all tools in floorboard),,its not fun and something you wont ever forget,,,,Randy

  6. They say great minds think alike. The butterfly valve on top of the carb. is closing making it shut down and starve for fuel. Yes i'd replace the choke cable from what you have described. While it is running or idleing while at raod temp. the butterfly valve should be wide open ( straight up and down position ).


    oh yeah,,,you guys are good,,i think you nailed it,,randy

  7. Hi everybody, I have been using it for about 15 years. The main thing I use it on is Planetaries and Hub reductions. They run about 10 to 20 degrees cooler compared to oil. The seals don't leak anywhere as much as it seems to stick to them and keeps them flexible. In the Hubs on the loaders and tractors I use 100% Lucas with no other oil. In the Mack diffs when I am changing the oil I put a 4 litre container in each diff first then top it up with oil. I have had very good results with it. Best regards - Michael.

    awright michael! They even use it down under! Cool!,,,randy

  8. :SMOKIE-LFT: I use it in all my stuff, I even use a little bit in the engine, tranny, and primary on my Harley. My opinion I believe it helps, but I am also a frequent oil changer always changing below suggested milage and believe in a good quality lubricant, and keeping it clean, I stick with either Texaco or chevron products, but also add a little lucas too, I like the grease they make also the red and tacky grease.

    yeah bad dog, im really a firm believer in their grease,,,randy

  9. I add 1 gallon of Lucas when I service my 03 CX with a 427. I started using Lucas when I had my 95 CH with a 350 in it. I ran that motor to 1.5 million miles and it finally blew a head gasket so I pulled the motor. There was wear, but we figured we could have run it for a while longer if we wanted to repair the head gasket. I just figured that it was time to update.....I have the opinion that the Lucas does help. Right now I have 766,000 on my 427, and it's running 60-70 lbs oil pressure depending on the temp........

    yeah, I dont think the foaming problem would be that severe in engine, but I use it in transmissions and rear ends and it foaming might be a problem there, I havent been using it long enough in anything to tell a difference, cept it seems like it quietened the drive train down quite a bit in my dump truck. Thank yall for your opinions,,,randy

  10. The filter housing had to be taken off the truck because the drain plug was only a stub. Knowing I would have to drill it out I took it to the workbench. It had plenty of crud in the bottom and needed a blasting out with something but I took a screwdriver and got it crud free. The visegrips was not an option for they would not get the drainplug out, so I used drill bits of various sizes and then did the stupid idea to get my new set of screw extractors on the plug and dangit broke the extractor and had to drill it out only to break a bit also. It was not going my way last night but finally got hold of it with PB Blaster and what remained of the stud (filter plug) and low and behold it started to screw out of its thread hold and saved the original threads. It made me feel better and had to hurry up before 8 p.m. to find a plug.

    I tried the ACE hardware store with no luck and then raced to the O'Reily Auto parts and they met my needs with a brass plug like original and I got the idea to also get a 1/8 th radiator drain plug. Got home and tried the brass plug but it would not stop weeping fuel so, I used the radiator plug and it must have been what the doctor ordered cause it works great and will be possibly easier to drain the next time I have to do this job. Now all I need to do is install it back on the truck, fill it with fuel, start the truck and wait for fuel to flow out of the vent hose to get the air out if I get to go home my regular time tonight and work on it.

    Alls well that ends well :thumb:


    Well, I have those days too where I do a lot of screwing with dismal results,,,randy

  11. Anybody got any proffessional opinions on lucas oil stabilizer? I watched video on foaming properties and now am a lil confused (which is normal for me). I use it in engines and transmissions and rear ends for its good coating properties but the video on the foaming is a lil scary. lets hear some opinions,,,,randy

  12. Rob, It looks great. I was going to rip you some more but didn't have the heart but.....I laughed so hard, I riped my pants and now I need you to sew them up for me. :pat:


    heh,,heh,,you better take them off first Mike, not sure how Rob would react around your crotch with a needle,,,Randy

  13. i greese ujoints and king pins every week and the rest of the truck once a month, sooner if i been running in a lot of weather,

    i run a teflon plate and put dawn dish soap on it and the gladhand rubbers, every couple weeks when i unhook to put some greese on the kingpin grooves,that takes care of the fithwheel lock, the dawn on teflon is supper slick and makes washing a breeze

    i had been changing my oil every 8 to 10k but from now on as suggested by mackpro im going to every 15k

    I like Lucas "red and tacky" and I also use slick 50 multipurpose on occasion, I like it too,,,randy

  14. My friend Paul Sagehorn has picked up my 2 latest purchases in California and is bringing them back to St. Louis. Thought I'd post a pic of the pair. One probably isn't of much interest to the board, but the other has a very significant history. My wife said I'm done buying trucks even I find a truck that someone claimed hauled Jesus Christ himself to Nazareth.


    heh,,heh,,my wife tries to flex her muscles every now and then too,,,nice trucks,,,randy

  15. Alrighty, so today I was driving our MB 410 around, and was coming up our driveway, and it decided to quit on me. At first, I thought it was low on gas because of going uphill, so I put about 5 gallons into the tank, and tried again. This didnt change anything, so I put 5 more gallons in, still won't start. I coasted it off the driveway, but now it's setting uphill and leaning towards the passenger's side. Also attempted to clean the points, but because of the hill, the cab wouldn't stay tilted, so I'm not sure how good of a job of cleaning I did. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

    aww my goodness,,we got so many things to check,,check for fire (elecrical kind in plug wires),,gas(carb float stuck), trash in tank, etc,,many, many things to rule out here,,gotta start somewhere though so I would check for fire first and just go from there, wish I could be more helpful,,keep us posted,,,Randy

  16. I ordered some hard to find around here "exhaust clamps", only option I had on shipping was UPS, I have absolutely nothing against UPS, hope im not stepping on toes here, seemed to me the shipping on clamps was a lil pricey, still need them so ordered them anyway, was just wondering if any companies ever use the flat rate deal going on with U.S. postal service now, if it fits in box, it ships for one flat rate, no weighing. The price I paid on clamps to be shipped, will UPS get all of that or is some of it skimmed off top? just curious, again. One time, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away,,I ordered a carb. diaphragm for craftsman weedeater, it cost $2.00, it came in a postage due box the size of a shoebox, I had to pay $10.00 shipping due on an object as thin as a postage stamp, made of lite rubber, bout one inch square with a tiny dot of metal in the middle, yes, your classic diaphragm, They could have put it in an envelope and mailed it to me, for back then bout 35 cents. anyway,,just wondering again,,,Randy

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