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  1. Thanks M and Freight, appreciate you thoughts on that, my 61 has valve for summer intake and winter intake, kinda thinking dry filter with scoop on top instead of bonnet, get me some airflow going when im at warp speed on 58.216 MPH. LOL. I hate to change anything from stock though, just like the old school look. (The 58.216 MPH is with cetane boost and everything in my favor)
  2. My 61B has a natural aspirated engine with oil bath air cleaner, anybody got any ideas if a dry air would be morre efficient power wise, pull more air for more power, not really that concerned aboout the filtering part, any opinions?
  3. Mr. Van Scott is exactly right. I bought a mostly restored 61 to move a bulldozer maybe once or twice a week at most, could have bought a cheaper truck, but i wanted to move it with class, plus, its a big attention getter so i think its good advertisement for business. It also carries me back to my younger days, maybe makes me feel younger (cept when im crawling arround under it wrenching). I paid a lot for it, have spent a lot on it making sure it stays roadworthy and safe, parts are high, but dont matter, will drive it till im gone, wonderful old trucks. If you get u one, good luck with it a
  4. Ah,,,logs,,,pulpwood,,,quotas,,,,chiggers,,,,ticks,,,wonderful, humid 105 degree days in east texas woods between hills, no pesky wind to bother you, oops, left out sweat flies and copperheads too,,,lol,,,wonderful memories (really wouldnt trade them for nothing, good character builders)
  5. thanks freight, trans. is a TRD 72 , no 0 at end so i guess its not overdrive, i couldnt find anything on rear end but build sheet on it says its a 4.66 ratio so i guess im not gonna be setting any speed records, lol. I now have a wheel seal with a very slow leak, not getting inside on brakes, coming out between dayton and brake drum and dripping down on inside rim, very slow leak but i guess im gonna have to address that now. I still am not very good a splitting 10 speed, i never seemed to have that much trouble with triplex or quad, but i will keep practicing, lol, thanks for info, nice loo
  6. thanks HK, gonna crawl all over it today and check fuel filters out, also going to go pick up 4 new tubeless rims for rear drive, put new tires on and quit hopping down road like a rabbit. Tires on rear now are very old, tubed, and have flat spots in them. Speedo shows top speed of 50, think im doing better than that, so im gonna take GPS with me and check that out too, I think its a 4.66 rear end.
  7. thanks HK, is there a certain level i fill it to, its just one bolt in top of cap, looks like maybe whole cap comes off then, also hate to be bothersome, but its a single axle, was wondering why right axle has a small fill plug in end of it and left axle just has a small hole in the center of it, no fill plug, should there be something covering the small hole. I also have not seen a fuel filter, sorry, I could probably shoot a million questions at you,,,thanks HK
  8. I just bought a 61 b-model with 673, naturaly aspirated, 10 speed duplex, and it has a very slow drip from what im told is the generator driven power assist motor or pump. There is a tank mounted up higher on the fender well and does anyone know what kind of oil it uses? I intend to fix the little seep, but not sure about type of oil. The truck is mostly restored and im using it a couple of times a week to move a komatsu dozer, (bout 25,000 pound machine). In my younger days i have driven triplex and quads and this duplex seems harder than both of those, splits seem to be a bit tricky, but im
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