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  1. One thing to do tomorrow is pulling a head off my 711 to see if it has those brass pieces, and if watts doesn't have those washers I will have them made. These were things I hoped to find second hand as jobbers is far from budget friendly.
  2. Well I ran into another silly roadblock. My heads have these brass inserts to center them on the deck, one head was lacking them and it needs the special washers for the larger corner studs. Would anybody happen to know where to get these? I tried searching the forum but turned up nothing. Good news, plowing OT is on the way and I have a stack on the old girl now.
  3. 68khf3121p8 is the number on the longer axleshafts, don't know if that helps anyone
  4. I have no idea what it came out of, hasn't been in a truck since I got it. When I bought my b61 he tossed that in to sweeten the deal (or get it out of the way). From the bucket of parts he gave me with it I can't say for certain it is complete. But I know for a fact there is no pushrods or rockers in it... must be buried in his shop
  5. Excellent, that is great news. I can buy a set next week opposed to after Christmas.
  6. Doing a quick google search on 3029-8213C the prices range from $140 to $250 for a pair, some of them giving an option for 18 or 20 stud with or without fire rings for an e6. I know nothing about the e6 but from the pictures they appear to be the same as my 673 N/A gaskets.
  7. If it came down to it I suppose it could be parted out
  8. Indeed, different setup compared to my 673
  9. Needs some cash to buy head gaskets for my 673! I got a spare motor with my b and it just takes up space. Also he gave me a spare set of axle shafts but they do not fit my truck. Make an offer, pick up in peru ny 12972. The 711 has various parts and pieces in my shed including the turbine half of the turbo. There is no rockers and had been outside for a while so may be good for parts or rebuild. Call or pm 518 569 6974
  10. Not going to lie I was thinking about the truck not a tractor
  11. That f1000 was pretty sharp, also didn't expect to see a Marmon
  12. Nope don't have a way to get them home, the truck is going to scrap on Tuesday the guy said...
  13. By chance a field is being cleared out nearby and someone spotted a neglected b model for me. Got a deal on the doors ,radiator shell, one of the fender tops and a ratty exhaust stack. The cab is crushed and there really wasn't much good left on it. Had a 7.00 series carriers and a quadbox with 3 undergears... can imagine it was slooow with the gas engine. I am guessing it was a b42, would the steering components be the same as my b61? Mine has garrison power steering that does not work so if it can't be fixed I was hoping to swap out the valve for the regular drag link.
  14. Got the heads back, he planed 5 thousandth off both pressure checked and cleaned plus 2 new frost plugs. The left head does have 5/8 corner stud holes... don't know if that is an issue or not. Those plugs in the head were actually reducers of some sort maybe that is why it was running 80 pounds of oil pressure?
  15. I didn't even take notice to those plugs before, interesting. I am debating keeping the heads off until i can find some new guides and Send them back another time to be safe. I doubt I will put a dogpile of miles on it or work it for that matter
  16. Got a call back from the motor shop he planed the one head and they pressure checked OK. Valve guides are a little sloppy but don't want to make that 200 dollar job into $500. He wanted to narrow them or something of that sort
  17. I called jobbers, they have the whole kit and kaboodle. I will be passing on studs but gaskets are a must.
  18. Cool I will give them a jingle tomorrow. The next battle is finding head studs, yaaay!
  19. I am uncertain if I found the correct ones, there is no image to compare the two. I suppose I could buy one and hope for the best.
  20. here is some pics of the heads removed and the gaskets
  21. Well the heads have been shipped out for cleaning and a pressure check it looks like the rear head was warped from the buildup of black funk on the gasket. I don't know if it would be sure to reuse the old baskets so the idea is to have new ones cut out of copper. What would the proper thickness be for the gasket?
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