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  1. I know that the 12v detroit can fit in a Superliner... Fred Sanders from Ravenna oh has a pulling truck called the Silver Bullet and it is a superliner with a 12v with an allison auto behind it
  2. scott, That sounds right... That is exactly what motor I run... My personal opion is the 350 2 valve is the best motor Mack ever made... My grandfather ran them for years and he claims once mack went to the 4 valve heads "they went to crap, but you couldnt tear up a 350 2 valve if you tried." In my 83 there is unbelieveable torque in first gear it gets amazing traction... The only downfall is that the tranny only allows a top speed of 63 MPH... I know you can get a 4 speed auxiliary, but I have heard they are a pain in the but messing with the linkage. My uncle had an allison behind a 3406b cat with a 4 speed auxilary and that thing would absolutely haul arse! I will say that make sure you get a good automitc if buying a used one because I have heard they are VERY expensive to overhaul and the transmission is really big and heavy compared to a manual so instillation/ working on them is sometimes fun.
  3. The V-Pump will make you smoke more and is easier to turn the fuel and rpms up all it takes is a bigger spring. We have been involved w/ v8's for many years and have pulled for many years since 82. We have had more success HP wise w/ the inline...we know Collins and mack Engineer Steve Trevitz who makes most of the parts for the Collins teams. Ask any of them Sanders, Collins, Bojac, Thunderdog Team, the Australian Titan V8 drag truck, etc they all have the inline pump...you do not need to buy the billet pump Click on the attached pic
  4. How many of you have seen or driven one. I own one in a 83 RD concrete truck and absolutely love it. With the old E6 350 and a HD750 Allsion it is simply amazing.
  5. They also made a EM9 400 That is what the valve cover says on our 82 Superliner V8. Now Im going to have to disagree.... If you want the BIG horsepower you want the Bosch "Inline 8" pump.... The old Bosh V-pumps do deliver more fuel stock and are MUCH MUCH easier to turn the fuel up then an Inline 8 is, but change the injector in an inline 8 and you have a WORLD of difference. If you look at all the V8 mack pro truck pullers they all have Inline 8 pumps (most of them came from Mack Engineer Steve Trevitz from Mack Hagerstown, MD). The main difference between a 400, 440, 450, 500 are timing setting, injector size, and turbos. They are all pretty much the same block. If you look at the 610 Australian V8 the pump is a little different as well Im not completely sure but I believe it is somewhat electrical. Hagerstown, MD has a 610 V-8 in a CL test truck
  6. From the album: Big Dawgs

    83 MAck Rd Tri-Axle with an E6 350 and allison automatic hd750 5 speed. The dump bed is a Maxon Agitor used to haul concrete to on road job. Here is a picture doing S.R. 33 in Athens, Ohio
  7. From the album: Big Dawgs

    1988 RW613 Superliner with a E9-450 V-8 and a 12 speed mack tranny. The Dumpbed is a 1981 Benson dump body
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