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  1. I agree I like it too. I love the look of a shinny polished rim where some like spoke rims. Not a fan of spoke wheels
  2. Thanks! I don't want to screw anyone, but I also don't want to give it away. Daddy wants some Dale Francis headers for the pulling truck lol
  3. Thanks bad dog! I know nothing of the old V8's. now give me an E9 I can sing the gosphel lol. Anyone have an idea what this thing is worth? There can't be too many of these things out there that are "fresh" and ready to go in this condition.
  4. I have this pump, it is supposedly freshened and ready to go. I'm guessing this is for the 866 V8? I have no need for this. Someone can make me an offer.
  5. My fass pumps need replaced on my v8. Anyone have anything to say over fass vs AirDog?
  6. The best bang for your buck would be a Lipe.
  7. I would especially if you are going to be the daily driver on it. Watch your EGTs. You could actually benefit from a holset turbo and a size over injectors will make it run a lot better and get great mpg
  8. A local guy just put one on his and won't release where he found it at lol
  9. Anyone know where to find the aftermarket Superliner Grills at? I have seen a few around and can't find them anywhere.
  10. Sorry to hear that man, horrible is all I can say. I know exactly how you feel. I'm goin to send you a PM
  11. Columbus Diesel in Columbus, OH can work on them too. Parts on the AMBAC are harder to come by!
  12. Super dog I sent u back a pm. I keep forgetting to take pics of the mount and ductwork on them. I will get you some ASAP
  13. I'm looking for a good solid utility bed preferably with a crane for my RD in my avatar. I'm going to probably make it into a single axle. Email me Tom.brown@ecotoh.net or call/text 740 584-9003 Thanks
  14. Here are a few of ours: Our toy 1980 Superliner V8 power: My daily driver 88 Superliner E9 Power 12 Speed: old_tex.bmp Another Dump 89 Superliner E9 Power 18 speed mack: Our Magnum: 1990 Superliner E7 400 13 Speed Fuller:
  15. Steve Trevitiz is an Engineer at the Hagerstown plant for Mack. He knows his V-8's. Trevitiz and the late Curt Rice from Antrim Diesel worked together on a lot V8 Stuff. Francis is a good one too, as well as Philip Price @ Antrim Diesel.
  16. We were lucky to find one for my pulling truck when the ambac pump went out. We decided to go to the Bosch inline. We found one that was ready to go, but it wasnt cheap. It also had 13mm plungers in it too. On another note, I hated doing the conversion from the v-pump to the inline.
  17. If they are stainless I would take those too. Feel free to email me at tom.brown@ecotoh.net
  18. I am looking to buy a set of Superliner 1(78-84 model) battery box covers that are non-diamond plate aluminum boxes.
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