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  1. Name: mack b75LS (2009) Date Added: 10 June 2009 - 05:01 PM Owner: t l mason Short Description: 1966 mack with a 262 cummins was a log hauler at start of its life went to dump truck. now has a fifth wheel on it. started out with a mack motor.it has a wet kit on it. set up to pull a pup dump trailer. runs excellent View Vehicle
  2. i guess i have been out here about 28 years. time does go by fast. but when i ran there some of the drivers were strube bros,jerry rodell,les snow,ron weeden,ray guss sr.herb shannon,don bolander. i set here thinking about the names wondering how many are still around. i never was a big name but had just as much fun. i think the most famous person i raced was johnnie beauchamp which was a blast. there are probley more names that will crop up during the day.
  3. i live in washington now. but i use to race stock cars in farmington years ago.lived in peoria
  4. i have a b 75LS i would like to sell what is the best place to sell it? i live in washington state.email is masonstnwd@yahoo
  5. hi i guess it was a R5 relay valve made by bendix i replaced it with a bendix R 12 almost a bolt in. thanks for the help
  6. hi i need a quick release valve bendix part no.T239571 on a 66 b-75. is there a replacement valve or is there any place to buy one or a rebuild kit. thanks
  7. i just got a 1966 b-75 twin screw. i was trying to decode the vin so i could see what it started life as. it now has a fifth wheel but i can see where it may have had a dump box on it. where do i go to decode the vin? thanks vin. no. is B75LS2740
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