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  1. 2015 Mack CXU613 PEN. MP8 505hp. After treatment problem started at 475k now has 545k presently in the shop for the same. About every 2-3 wks. Cost so far approx. $ 25,000.00 no telling what this will cost. Same codes keep reoccurring. Plus lost income I figure maintenance cost about $ 1.00 a running mile. Agree with steeler, junk!!! Never again. Have another make on order due in Sept. can't wait, hope I can survive until then.
  2. Hi. new to the form. 2015 CXU 613 MP8 505 automatic. 507000 miles. EGR cooler and elbow has lots of soot. Two weeks ago had the DEF system cleaned and all filters replaced. Canister was sent out to be cleaned. When they ( dealer ) put it back together they said it was like new. $4004.00. Now I have to replace the EGR cooler. $5700.00. How do I avoid this from recurring?
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