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  1. Howdy, Diesel man..... I'm also new here,,, ,, Bring the knowledge on the Volvo/Macks... There are a lot of folks needing guidance on them...... Of course it's all about the exhaust system, starting at the turbo, or is it 'in Sweden'?// anyway, just having fun ... Welcome to the show, Jojo 

    1. Diesel Man

      Diesel Man

      Hey Joey Mack how's it going yes it is all about the exhaust stuff anymore! I think your on to something with the Sweden thing HA. where are you from and are you a driver or a fixer ? I am from west central Iowa

    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      I live in Salisbury, N.C. for the last 15 years.. I was a driver for a few years,, O.T.R.  and then local construction,1998-2002... in Maine driving late 70's R models and Dm's... Ive been fixin them for 21 years now... just fixed an 8LL today in a 99 VHD...  I have an Isuzu NPR that i use for my mobile truck repair.  I am a 1 man show... Thanks for checking in... Stay in touch, Jojo

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