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  1. Hydraulic Disc front brakes, and yeah I'm gonna do just that, block it and do one side at a time, taking plenty of pix along the way, hopefully I can find some numbers I can cross reference, funny enough the hose looks very similar to the one on our international roll back. that would be sweet if it would work.
  2. yeah, I'm gonna have to pull everything and inspect it thoroughly, replacing any items that may be in question.
  3. The front Calipers were sticking, I felt them dragging. but after moving the truck a bit and exercising the brakes I thought they let go. apparently they did not. My wife was following me on the evening I first brought it home. She told me she thought she was seeing sparks coming from somewhere under the truck but wasn't sure. As the evening grew darker, and on a heavily wooded back road, there was no doubt the truck was in fact sparking. due solely to the fact that both front rotors and calipers were CHERRY RED. and of course after a 45 mile trip from my dads house to my house the driver si
  4. The local Mack shop told me they can't look up any parts for anything over 25 years old. and that I had to contact the Mack Museum to request information for my truck. He didn't sound like he wanted to even give me that much information.
  5. Did you ever find the pads and rotors? I am currently looking for pads rotors hydraulic brake hoses, and calipers, or at least a caliper rebuild kit. I'm not finding anything for them.
  6. New to the site, first Mack, first fire truck. Having a few minor issues, but think with a little bit of the grand knowledge here, all will be well. Located in Westminster, MD. Hoping to make a few friends. I look forward to meeting new people, and am excited for what the future has in store.
  7. So did anyone ever figure it out? I just recently purchased a 1980 CF600 fire truck, and the calipers were sticking, the rotors got cherry red and the lines melted, caught fire, it was a mess. now I'm in search of parts, that seem to be non existent. any help would be appreciated
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