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  1. I'll swing up there hopefully today and snap some pictures, we've had the truck for quiet sometime, but that's not saying it gets the proper maintenance, me and another guy have taken it on to make sure it continually lasts as long as we need it to, both experienced with air brake systems, just this type is new to both of us, thanks for the input so far I'll post some pics of what they are asap
  2. No books for the truck around the fire hall anymore wishful thinking, the inside pads are touching the inside of the rotor when applied but the outsides are far from touching
  3. Hi guys, on our department we have a 1983 Mack for our pumper with disc air brakes, none of us have much experience with this type of setup and they need to be adjusted, so looking for some info and pointers on where to start, thanks Joe
  4. So at our fire department we got a Mack pumper for one of our trucks that has disc air brakes, none of us are very experienced with the style that's on the truck, so long story short we're in need of some help with how to adjust the front brakes on the truck, any help would be greatly appreciated, joe
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