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  1. I was told it isn't even in its final form. Computerized leveling arms are being created for it right now, and there was some other major addition being planned for it as well. At that size, I guess it's more like a Navy ship where systems are added to it as the technology for each system progresses. 🙂 Interestingly enough, I have a friend who says that he has contracted out that company a number of times, and they used that truck on two of his worksites.
  2. Any chance you can change the title to read what the thread is about? Like "Pictures of Macks you find interesting"
  3. I like that blue cab. Not enough adventurous companies out there to order unique colors. Locally, there is a INTL tractor that was painted from the factory with just about that same blue, but on the frame. The cab is a standard white cab (IIRC), but the frame is awesome (and they keep it clean).
  4. Did you buy it new? If so, or perhaps even if not, the next time it comes on, you may want to have the driver or someone call Mack to get the proper diagnostic process started. 800-866-1177 is the number we're told to call for any check engine light or issue.
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