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    Automotive, racing, trucks, firearms, electronics, just like to tinker around with everything to see how it works.

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    RD 686 SX
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    Had 12 R and DM dumps but sold them all, now I have my baby back.

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  1. I will put on a picture or two when I figure out how. I have taken a few since I got him back but realized that I didn't take nearly enough when he was new. I wish I had documented all of the details I added and the number of hours that I spent adding them but we all learn from our mistakes.
  2. Newbie to the site. Proud owner of a 1977 RD 600 dump. Which was (and is) my baby for 25 years at which point I got out of the trucking business and sold it to my Cousin. Now he got out of the trucking business and gave it back to me, sadly in much poorer shape than it was when he took possession of it approximately 17 years ago or so. I was anal about the work done to it the condition it was kept in and it broke my heart when I saw the shape it was in. But that said I have it back for the rest of my life anyway. Now I'm just older, broker and in no physical condition to ever work the truck again. My plans are to fix it up as much like it was when I first purchased it in 1977 as my limited finances will allow (wife says only $5.00 at a time LOL.) I have seen that parts are hard to come by now for the older models and are really expensive when you do find them so I'm hoping that maybe I can find some info from some of you fellow Dog lovers out there as to where some deals might be found. Looking forward to talk to some of you and share the love of Mack trucks.
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