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  1. Man nothing here? Does anyone do custom interiors on Macks?
  2. Hello, I've been on here a while just pursing comments and now I have a question. My grandfather bought this truck brand new in 1991 and I would like to restore this truck and take it over the road again. We still use it on the farm but its been neglected. As the title says its has an E7 and I know there are different types of E7s can someone tell me how I can know which version I have? Also a good source for interiors for this model of truck? She is solid and any problems we've had have been from lack of basic maintenance. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Rob do you have any pictures of the risers that you used for mounting beside the cab?
  4. Don't know much about that, I like the look, its my own money and thus far I have been very successful.
  5. Thank you, not sure of any truck yards in this area, but I will keep my eyes open. Any other ideas greatly appreciated!
  6. I have a 1991 Mach CH613 with 48" flat top sleeper, I would like to mount the exhaust mid cap and go from one to dual stacks, is this possible and can anyone point me in the direction of mounting kits? From this pic one to this pic two and three.
  7. Thanks guys will check that out! Never have had the truck shut down and the lights shut off time to time.
  8. Looking for Black door trim piece for both doors on a 1991 Mack CHN613.
  9. Have a 91 CH613 it has both Electronic and Shut down Lights come on, truck just keeps running any suggestions?
  10. Damnit Beautiful Truck!!! A little pricey for me right now, some day. 🤩
  11. I'm looking for a solid truck with sleeper, would like 450+ hp and 18 speed transmission, 4 axle would be nice. I would like something I could put to work right away and also pretty up into a working show truck. Probably never show it but I want it to be nice, mostly hauling grain in hoppers and belts.
  12. I just wondered where you where or if you'd be at any shows in IA, I just want to see it. Hope to find one someday but not today. I can get an excavator if he needs it LOL
  13. Do you still have that Superliner?
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