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  1. The endt676 also hit its power band around 1000-1200 rpms depending on which fuel pump you had.  It makes 90%+ power from 1000-1200 all the way to the governor at 2100.  Going from that to an engine that never really felt like it kicked into any sort of a power and was an adjustment.

  2. I went from ENDT676 motors with 2 stick transmissions to an e7-350 with an 8LL about 6 years ago.  Took me a couple years to realize everything was just fine on the e7, it's just a different motor with different pulling characteristics.  It moves, but it certainly doesn't have the same feel as our old 1979 R model.  Don't know what you were used to before this truck.  How much pressure is your turbo generating?

    The E7s are also a lower rpm motor.  My ENDT676 motors you wind up to 2100+ before shifting, but the E7 usually gets shifted between 1700-1800 rpms. 

  3. On 5/5/2020 at 9:23 PM, jzack said:
    • Follow up question- How many ft/lbs do you torque the "outer" nut to on the budd style wheels? I've seen sources say 600ft/lbs for outer, 450ft/lbs for the inners. But most people seem to say 450ft/lbs for both. I'm asking because i've been having problems with my lugs coming loose.  

    If they're coming loose then they're not tight enough.  You could replace the studs and nuts.

  4. On 5/5/2020 at 10:02 PM, HarleyD said:

    VIN 1M2B209C1WM0xxxxx

    Is this a decent dump truck motor?

    I don't think It's the stock motor, truck is a 1998

    T2070 Trans

    1st time poster, long time follower!


    Could be the stock motor, they made many 1998 trucks in 1997 so they'd be ready to sell January 1st! (Or sooner)  Vin tag should tell the build date.

  5. This truck has 55k springs on 58k rears.

    The "Eagle" is a third inner rail that functions as a gusset to stiffen the trunnion.  It's a double frame truck, with two 3/8" rails for a total of 3/4 steel, excluding the Eagle. Also note that the trunnion stands bolt to the outside of the rails.



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  6. On 4/27/2020 at 6:00 PM, Ditchdiggerjcf said:

    DM and U share steering boxes?

    No.  They share a cab, hood, engine trans and that's about it.  My DM steering box is held on by about 35 bolts, (exaggerating) and my U model has like 6. My U model has a single 1/4" frame rail, my DM is two 3/8" rails.

  7. 3 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    I hear ya. I don't know the owners story either.

    Was in a bad mood this morning. Had to replace a cracked dust/inspection plate on my lift axle because the original cracked and was rattling. And of coarse dealer had none in stock when they did annual safety the other day.

    So simple job....one nut and one hose clamp. But hendrickson in their infinite wisdom designed it so you have to pull the wheel and the brake drum to get that one nut and bolt off. Awesome. Just what I wanted to do at 6:30 am.


    Hope it wasn't a spoke hub, that makes it worse at 6:30 am. We pull them off and never put them back on. Horribly annoying to check brake linings, and horribly annoying when stones get caught in there.

  8. 2 minutes ago, steelman said:

    I would be I interested I  the cab and doors.  Hood also if available.  Could pickup with gooseneck trailer or rollback if you have a way to load. Please send me pm.  Thanks.  Carey Leitch, Fredericksburg, Va. (50 miles south of wash., DC)

    Loading is easy. Take your pick, 1970s Case wheel loader, 1964? Oliver white  2-44FL,  or late 1960s or early 1970s R685ST crane.  Cab is really rough, but if you want it I'll be gentle.  My dad plowed with the truck for years. 


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