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  1. Interesting. I had it backwards. For future reference, is it easy to put a soft nose grill on a hard nose truck? I really like that rounded look.
  2. The Hard Nose LJ Mack’s with a chrome grill are the best looking trucks anywhere. I kick myself all the time for missing this one.
  3. Looking for a nice LJ or LTL Mack. We farm and I'd like to find a nice L model to pull a second hopper bottom in the fall. I'd need tandom drives and a single stick trany would be great but I'm a fast learner if we need to 2 stick it. Style before comfort!!
  4. Around $12,000. It had a 350 Cummins, quad-box, and no PS. It's about the coolest looking truck I've ever seen though.
  5. Anyone know where I can find a nice LJ Mack (late 1940s to early 1950s)? I need a tandom drive and would prefer a more modern engine and transmission to pull grain in the fall.
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