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  1. Yep... I don't anticipate my engine to last 1,000,000 miles. In fact that's why i have a spare and spare heads. If you want your engine to last forever why not turn they fuel down to 50 hp? It's all a trade off.
  2. I am running into this issue now. My motor was originally 400 hp (now marine injectors and pump cranked all the way) and has the tiny 7 inch ID Flywheel which limits you to 1400 ft lb clutches. I think i am going to open up the ID and balance the rotating assembly so i can run a big eaton clutch. Dont turn it down have fun with it. Treat it right and itll be just fine.
  3. Back in black, Where did you get 13mm plungers and barrels if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks
  4. Can the Bosch injectors be run with an Ambac pump? Where are you getting these injectors i was looking into having Columbus Diesel Drill my Ambac injectors out to 6 x .015 Thanks
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