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  1. oh ok that seems to make more sense duh thanks
  2. sorry it took so long been covered up, so i blew air in the injector hole the only place i heard air was coming out of return line at fuel tank. But the eup roller has several flat spots should i be concerned or drop a new roller in and see how she does?
  3. Mackpro can i put the air into the injector hole ?
  4. ok thanks did not check roller will do that also no smoke, just bought about a month ago and it drove it 400 miles like that i will also do the air test and report back
  5. im not getting a code put new 6 injectors and 6 reman eup pumps in a 2000 mr688s 350hp. i still have a miss did cut out test #6 is not changing. is there a mechanically test to perform to eup to see if thats it or the injector? Thanks for any help!!
  6. I forgot to ask is this the one on the engine or inside truck?
  7. ok thanks did you run a new wire straight from ecu if so i could use the pin# for the ground if you have it Thanks Again!!
  8. I have 2006 Mack mr688s (032711) with blink code 4-2, im assuming it has something to do with fan clutch because its staying engaged. I just put a new clutch on about a month ago, anybody have a schematic or advise? Thanks!!
  9. well i found the problem burnt ecu and harness
  10. also MackPro do they make def delete kits for this truck?
  11. Mackpro would you have a diagram to that kick panel fuses to identify them
  12. thanks, i check that cable and fuse all good. i pull engine hours it does not read just two dashes any idea where to go next or is this going to be dealer only problem
  13. 2011 mack chu 613 007700 truck was running perfect waiting in hay field to load, came back would turn over but not fire up def gauge reads empty on dash but tank is full read these 2 codes as active faults ppid:278 fmi:9 psid: 200 fmi:9 is there a gauge on tank like fuel gauge? is there a way to bypass to get truck out of field? Thanks
  14. ok i have a 2011 mack chu613 last eight on vin is bm007782 truck is in derate mode here is the list of codes spn3064 fmi11 spn3936 fmi0 spn4354 fmi4 spn 4354 fmi5 spn4356 fmi4 spn 4356 fmi5 spn 2659 fmi18 we did put a new def pump on because it was not using any for 2 day the hoses are labeled and was put back where they were where should i start on this rig any help is very appreciated thanks!!!!
  15. ok took it mack just needed a software update go figure
  16. yes def tank is full, dealership is 100 miles away will it effect anything with the speed sensor unhooked? but im trying hard to avoid the dealership
  17. hi i have a 2011 mack chu 613 007780 with 128 code spn 5246 will not go over 5mph is there anything i can check myself instead of taking it to the dealer? thanks!!
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