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  1. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    hahaha yea forgot to say sorry for all of that, that's what happens when an ignorant friend strolls through the garage unsupervised but thanks
  2. good shot from gerharts 2017, unfortunately the picture was sent from iPhone to android and became a little blurry
  3. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    i definitly appreciate the help guys and it would be really cool if it was one of your old trucks. i drive past your old yard every morning and wish it wasn't before my time. i spent alot of time with sunny who was one of your mechanics and he told me stories. it sucks trucking isn't what it used to be
  4. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    the truck is right off of frankford and academy in the northeast, you could check it out anytime, and sorry it took me so long for the pictures, and i had some of these on my phone but for some reason they became blury when I uploaded them, I'm gonna work on better pictures and if there are any specific questions or pictures wanted just ask. thank you
  5. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    thank you Billyt, and i will take pictures tonight and post them
  6. 1965 mack b61 for sale, the truck was posted by a friend before but never had anything go through, looking to get rid of the truck. naturally aspirated 711 with the quadruplex 20 speed, thought to have been a dump truck, possible previous durkin truck if anyone is familiar with the philadelphia area, triple frame, although the top frame has some cracks, heavy rears, the truck starts, runs, drives, stops, and have a few fenders another hood, and also a spare cab in nice shape, looking to get 4,000 obo call or txt me at 267 243 2913 or obviously contact here though BMT thank you, having some trouble uploading better pictures I will try and take more