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  1. 1965 mack b61 trade for a cabover

    I don't understand why but it won't let me upload other pics. if someone is interested I can email or txt pictures
  2. 1965 mack b61. looking to trade for a cabover. naturally aspirated 711 with the quadruplex 20 speed, thought to have been a dump truck. triple frame, although the top frame has some cracks, heavy rears, the truck starts, runs, drives, stops, and have a few fenders another hood, a few doors real good doors and some other parts.
  3. R model running warm but idles normal

    the sending unit was definitly bad. but unfortunatly it wasn't 100% of my issues. its showing alot better on the gauge. she's staying just under 180 when idling and running around 180 but when heavy in the pedal it climbs just under 200. but then makes it's way right back to 180 when idling for just a couple minutes. so something still isn't right but we're making progress and i will check for that bleeder this weekend. thank you for the help and knowledge guys
  4. R model running warm but idles normal

    literally just got done putting in a new sending unit to the gauge and checking the temp now. hopefully it's allright but if not then I may be heading in the radiator direction. thank you for your help and input
  5. R model running warm but idles normal

    yea we're definitly going to replace the gauge, and i agree with you on the bad flow. thanks alot for your input man
  6. i have a 1989 RD688s believe it's the e7 with a 9 speed. the truck was idling and running around 190 - 195. after changing the thermostat and the water/coolant filter, it now idles at 180, but when running the truck both empty and loaded it makes its way back up just under 200. Another issue to screw things up is the red warning temp light above the gauge seems to go on at 150. then sometimes at 180. then on and off around 190. so it dosent stay too consistent. that light is all over the place. now with a temp gun the motor seems to be a few degrees cooler then the gauge which I'm sure could be normal. Im just debating on which route to go next as i chase this issue before the warm weather comes. But im looking to hear anyone's thoughts and maybe past experience. i appreciate any help. thanks.
  7. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    hahaha yea forgot to say sorry for all of that, that's what happens when an ignorant friend strolls through the garage unsupervised but thanks
  8. good shot from gerharts 2017, unfortunately the picture was sent from iPhone to android and became a little blurry
  9. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    i definitly appreciate the help guys and it would be really cool if it was one of your old trucks. i drive past your old yard every morning and wish it wasn't before my time. i spent alot of time with sunny who was one of your mechanics and he told me stories. it sucks trucking isn't what it used to be
  10. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    the truck is right off of frankford and academy in the northeast, you could check it out anytime, and sorry it took me so long for the pictures, and i had some of these on my phone but for some reason they became blury when I uploaded them, I'm gonna work on better pictures and if there are any specific questions or pictures wanted just ask. thank you