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  1. I decided not to get this, I always had bad luck when Anything "More than Rare" as I've been on hold for 6 Years looking for parts for my 75 Pontiac Grand LeMans (1 of 6000) Instead might get a 77 IH 4070B Sleeper Single axle, Running & Driving Low miles. Here's the add if anyone wants to try to get it. https://zanesville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1971-brockway-n4571-coe-mack/6650058080.html
  2. I ain't even heard of wedge brakes till now. At 20 yrs old I mostly only know some of the Mid 80s trucks parts
  3. I'm not sure but I can give you his Number to call.
  4. A few people I talked to on facebook said, These used Wedge brakes which are readily available but very hard to find Parts for plus someone to repair them Most shops now days won't touch them Their mechanics don't know anything about them... Resale is good and they are exceptionally hard to find parts for Just don't find them sitting around for parts, even as much as old GMCs. An aluminum cab in an older truck is preferable over steel because of the rust. A friend said Cabs lose on chassis was a problem, So bad it would move when driving enough to cause the accelerator to stick. (<--
  5. I'm trying to buy it right now as we speak, if i can't save it i will part it out.
  6. I'll try to save it if I can... If Not I can make some $$ parting it out. lol
  7. ah ok. I'm not on very much only when I need info or help hope it isn't totally rusted out. Either way if it is I'd make some good cash parting it out! lol.
  8. i thought it was an diamond-t lol I can ask for you... But yeah Not horrible on metal work. I looked up online it said this model came with a Cummins 230
  9. Found this truck online, a friend arguably says only around 20 left in existence... I think otherwise from all the pictures I've seen online. what's still available for this truck, I think it's a small cam Cummins 250 or a 290 Ran when parked it shows... clear title, Ohio There is visible Some rust and holes nothing new to me... looks like low miles Not sure if it runs now or not... been looking for a single axle sleeper cabover for 2-3 years now in Michigan. Say's in the Ad. "I have been told is essentially a Mack with a Brockway body. It is a complete truck as far as I can te
  10. Thanks, Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been on. Yeah no right?!? I grew up on our 110 Acre Blueberry farm so Learning Clutch was kinda made too be.
  11. Would be cool to see your collection Dan!. I got the IH running
  12. Thanks! I have still have it, been looking at an 2nd option if I get stuck and have too sell it for something "Common"
  13. Found this on that website and that's all I know about it. would be cool to own one but I heard from some where very few H67's were made..
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