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  1. On 8/15/2020 at 9:20 AM, GA_Dave said:


    Pleased we’re seeing a drop in Covid 19 positives up here since King Ever’s mask mandate. Last week only 1 of 10 engine oil samples came back Covid positive. The week before it was 4 positive, even though the machines aren’t showing a single symptom. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, tenfive0 said:

    WHAT? I just bought NAPA fuel filters for my truck. I'll be giving them a closer look before installing them.

    Maybe don’t be as cautious about NAPA, but definitely WIX filters. You can get WIX everywhere. 

  3. I finally gave the machining curl filter pictured to our runner to exchange. He took it to NAPA. The parts guy asked “why didn’t you just pull the curl out and use it”. 

    🤦‍♂️— Really kid? 

  4. Find out where that plastic you found in the primer pump is coming from. Had the personal experience of finding a bread bag in a guy’s tank. If it’s a clear bread bag it’s absolutely invisible when submerged in the fuel. 

    Also, you need to crack injector lines while pumping the primer to move air out properly. The EUP has an open center that will allow fuel flow with the key off. On the older EUP you want to crack the line at the EUP, not in the head.


  5. Yup, sick.....Getting sick of seeing politicians and the media exploiting people’s fears and insecurities. Biden-“people need to wear masks OUTSIDE (and inside) for the next three months”.  Gimme a break!!! I’m not mad at Biden, he said that because his peeps saw it as politically strategic. It’s what people(majority) WANT to hear or he wouldn’t have said it. 

    I don’t miss the opportunity to ask people what they’re hearing & seeing. That’s real. So I met this guy in Missouri. I’m buying a vehicle from him. I asked him questions and spent the afternoon talking. Topic shifts to Covid. He said he has a neighbor who passed away weeks ago. She was elderly. She was under the care of the church and his pastor. A widow. She had a stroke.....sudden, hard, fatal, stroke. They witnessed it and her and death. No symptoms/sickness before it happened. His pastor (and power of attorney for her) received the death certificate cause of death as “Covid 19”.

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  6. 18 minutes ago, SupraJay87 said:

    I installed a new buzzer for my 94 RD688s, it works for the signals and flashers but it doesn’t come on for low air pressure, I was put out of service for it. I need help 😭 

    Is your low pressure light working?

    Most of the time it's from guys kicking the wires off the air PSI sensor manifold down by your feet and then later putting them back on the wrong sensors.

  7. Bigger turbo may not reduce your EGT, more oxygen doesn't make your acetylene torch burn cooler. It'll change the DeltaP and create lower manifold pressure which drops you a bit. Consider EGR.....It lowers the burn temp, EGT and NOx by oxygen deprivation. Midsize Cat engine like 3126 transition to steel pistons and a wastegate at 230HP and above for same reason, more power = more heat. You need to create exhaust backpressure to create intake pressure, higher pressure is higher heat, more molecules dancing too close together. 


  8.  I’d like to know what he did in the last 48 hours before he finally hit critical mass on hatred. Maybe feasting on a media medley of reasons to hate white people, police and a side order of victim indoctrination? Or just plain bat@&$& crazy? 

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  9. A whole new brand of ridiculous government over reach here in the land of Youbetcha. Something straight from the pinko mind of King Evers. All State DNR members must wear a mask while talking on Zoom. Even if completely isolated. Why, no reason, serves no purpose. When it was revealed Evers shuffled a bit and said “it’s for solidarity”............ and the fine Madison sheeple of the south nod in agreement forgetting that NO ONE ACTUALLY WATCHES THIER PRIVATE ZOOM MEETINGS TO SEE THE “SOLIDARITY MOVE”. It has to all be a Lib-nightmare, but I can’t seem to wake!  

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  10. 25 minutes ago, Quickfarms said:

    You are probably correct, if not I have an idea where it might be in Southern California there are three places that come to mind but I think they are all closed due to Covid 19


    Do you have any more pictures of it?




    Nope. I was going to shortcut the episode from Dailymotion. It wouldn’t let me. Nice looking setup. Google it and watch it. Hilarious.....

    George finally gets accepted as a volunteer fireman after screwing up multiple other volunteer efforts throughout town. The town hadn’t actually had a fire since the 70’s so they leave George alone to man the firehouse phone. He’s goofing off in the truck and drops the keys to the Mack down the floor grate on which it’s parked. Fire 🔥 calls in, Bob, George and Kurt go to it in Bobs car. Grease fire. They have nothing to fight it with. George sacrifices himself by jumping onto the burning pan with his PPE on to smother it with his body. Wins the praise of the people. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Ditchdiggerjcf said:

    Where is the wuhan on that chart? For all this drama, not to mention tanking the economy, it HAS to be on that list. Right?

    From what I’m seeing they want Kung Fu Flu to be third in 2020.....so they’re ramping up the false positives. 🐑 🐑 🐑 

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  12. It does begin to spin out when a thread goes long. I’m bringing it back to this confused guy who fits the thread title.....


    Snapped a couple weeks ago. Seemed like a peaceable, friendly, kid. Assumption is he may have been scrambled by the loss of a loved one? But this pic is one I took as I pulled out of Mayo Clinic of Rochester? Voted best hospital in North America! He needs to move to the outskirts of medical competency like in the far north where you pray you never get seriously injured beyond stitches. 

    Keep in mind this was was taken during the middle of a work-week day. 

  13. All that sniffing he has to have contracted it by now?

    Gotta admit.... not going to be popular for saying it.... I’m starting to warm up to Biden a bit. He makes me 😂 laugh to tears and I like it. Funny bone love affair. The ridiculous stuff he says is hilarious. His reactions and bizarre mannerisms. Sniffing people like they’re scratch stickers. Corn puff story is awesome. You catch last weeks spoof? He was trying to yell, “hey man I don’t need a mental competency examine my ....... AND THE WHOLE THING WENT STAMMER! He couldn’t finish the sentence defending his mental/physical ability. I keep thinking “this isn’t real, this can’t be real, that has to be a staged joke reaction to make a little self-deprecating humor?”.......... but it’s not!

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