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  1. Thanks guys got two good 6 volts onone side and bought a 12 volt for the other side and it worked good. East bound and down!!!
  2. I am trying to get my 1986 Mack MH 613 with a 300 Mack engine ready for a show this weekend and it has four 6 volt battries. Well come to find out 2 of them are dead and 2 of them are good but don't have the money to buy 2 new ones was wondering if I could put 2 12 volt battries for it to run instead of 4 6 volt battries. Don't know is it a 12 volt system with dal paths or a 24 volt starting system. Needing some help on this guys would really appreciate it plus needing it quick. Thanks for anyi nfo in advance. Corey B. Price Sparta,TN 38583
  3. Gotta love them MH's. Always cool when you go to a show and they give you one. That was a awesome day. Hope to take it to Macungie and Walcott Some Day. Corey B. Price Former Music City Chapter ATHS President
  4. Sweet rides for sure. Gotta love them old Ultraliners. Does anyone else know anyone still running the ultraliners. Caught a glimpse of one in the UPS American Trucker Episode the other night had the round headlights. Send all the pictures you cand find of them .
  5. In 12 minutes the new trucking show american trucker starts on the speed channel be sure to check it out and comment back.
  6. Name: Mack MH613 Ultraliner (1986) Date Added: 12 April 2009 - 11:30 AM Owner: youngcountrypreacher Short Description: This truck was given to me by the members of the music city and smokey Mtn. Chapters aths. I am president of the music city chapter and did not have a truck. View Vehicle
  7. Name: Mack MH61 (2009) Date Added: 12 April 2009 - 11:25 AM Owner: youngcountrypreacher Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  8. Name: MACK MH613 Ultraliner (1986) Date Added: 25 March 2009 - 05:57 AM Owner: youngcountrypreacher Short Description: The guys in the smokeyMTn. and Music City Aths chapters gave it to me because I was president and did'nt have a truck. View Vehicle
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