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  1. Bair84


    i have had a problem with the E6, from the dealership this motor has skipped on start up and smokes blue, it has the american pump on it, the dealership tells me it is an 18degree pump. in a pull this thing only runs like 725-750 on the pyro. any input on this serious skip would be much appreciated.
  2. Bair84

    E6 problems?

    so i recently purchased a ReMack E6 4valve engine,they used my pump and all externals, i ran this engine 36,193 miles, brought it into my local Mack dealer and when the engine was torn apart they found 4 broken and scarred to hell pistons and liners, i mean honestly at this 36k on the motor, are there defects in the material they are using in the piston and liner department?? any answers or input on this situation would be much appreciated by myself and my 89 superliner with 2.3 mill on her !!!! my email is also bandbtrucking89@gmail.com. thank you
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