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  1. Hi Chris .

    Did you ever go to Oktay parking ? I worked for Chris Crabtree / Colin Johnson / Nick King all from 1980 ish through to about 1998 last job to Uzbekistan then out .

    We might have met at some time .


    Les . 

    1. chris1953


      Hi Les. I worked for Fred Archer from 83 to 86. Then did Spain when they joined the EU and ran fridges up until 95. Been in Canada since 2006. We might have met....

      Regards Chris.

    2. les n

      les n


      You had an interesting career with Fred then ! lot of ( err ) interesting characters there then LOL .

      Had a Job offer to live work in Saskatchewan for a Peterbilt dealership but never went , was pissed off for a few years that we never went but good luck to you .

      Regards Les .


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