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  1. I'm looking for a right side fuel tank for my 1958 B Model mack ROUND
  2. Can you send me a picture ?

    1. alex g

      alex g

      sorry I just got your message.I will try to get a pic of fuel tank soon if you haven't already got one. Can you text to my phone I can send you a pic faster. 289-332-0101 

  3. I'm looking for a round aluminum tank with the step in it for the right side. 1958 B 61 Mack
  4. I'm looking for a aluminum round fuel tank that will fit my 1958 B model Mack.
  5. Looking for hood chrome and grill emblem and a round fuel tank for the pass side of my 58 B 61
  6. Not sure where to look for ID tags ? where are the serial #s
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