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  1. 10-4 Challenger. Back a month or so ago, I replaced that Diff sensor. One of the first suspects. Ive pulled those hoses, AND disconnected from the plugs, and blown air thru them. It passes thru no problem, but I always wonder if theres a little rock, or piece of debris in there that lets the air go thru, but still throw the pressure enough to kick it into regen. I have heard it happens at VERY little pressure difference. Im putting things back together today, My egr cooler was taken down to a local shop to be cleaned, and they just called and said its ready. I just dont have the space or tool
  2. Thanks for the info Macktech. I have spent the whole day tearing it apart. So far, I have a couple suspects. The wrapped pipe behind the 7th injector IS in fact rusted thru. Im headed to Portland tomorrow for a new one. I dont know much about the EGR cooler, but I did pull the hose off of the outlet end, and it dumped soot on the ground. It seems packed full. Havent gotten back to the EGR yet. Also pulled the Filter assembly all apart again. Catalyst and Filter look clean as could be, and as white as a new one. Even though this is a DPF code, and initially seemed the issue, Its obvious the
  3. Terrible day, I can barely get down the road. Im just trying to limp home up the 5. Constant regen's, and the system wont clean itself, Ive pulled over for 3 parked regens, and the light just comes back on as soon as Im on the road. 2 new codes today though MID 128 PSID 47 FMI 12 Aftertreatment Hydrocarbon doser clogged/ or DPF catalyst clogged/ damaged. AND MID 128 PPID 326 High Soot level I dont have a doser, so the catalyst must be the problem, but like Ive said.. IT, and the filter have been cleaned twice in the last 2 months. So much white smoke today I got hit up on the Radio and
  4. Wait! thats not the MOST frustrating thing.. I did pay cash for a 2 year/ 200,000 mile 3rd party warranty, too. So far, nothing has been covered,. Engine, Transmission, Turbo, and differentials only. NO DPF or exhaust coverage at all. What a NOOB I am, I probably deserve this.....
  5. I tend to agree bbigrig. Even if it wasnt properly regening that stuff out, I think just the fact that it is starting on a passive regen every 80 miles or so indicates a fueling or air problem. I got a wild hair this morning during my pretrip and pulled the intake to the turbo off, just to look for oil or coolant, any signs there, and nothing. Its clean as a whistle. Im seriously considering the EGR, although it seems like if that thing was stuck, or loaded up with soot and getting a bad sensor reading, I would have seen some sort of EGR code by now. The only code I ever get is soot level. Bu
  6. I should note, The smoke is white, with a blueish tint. And its thick,.. I watch it fall in my rearview like rain on the pavement. I DO monitor my coolant and oil a couple times a day, and there are no losses or gains. NO contamination that I can detect in either. Im at my wits end, but I have 3 things in the back of my mind. First, I havent done the EGR, so maybe that needs replaced, or removed and cleaned? Second, I had it down in Tupelo MS, and those guys were convinced it was exhast related. They replaced my flex pipe, but I believe there is a leak between the injecor housing piece, and
  7. Refined,..In retrospect, i wish I would have went that route from the git go. But believe me, If I knew then what I know now. Ive just wanted it fixed, and everytime I stop, and put it in the shop I fall farther behind. I do run California alot, So I am hesitant to delete it, but at this point, Yes, I could have saved myself, alot of headaches. My 7th injector? I dont "think" it has a purge. 2 coolant lines, and an electrical wire going to, plus the fuel. I was in a Watkins shop in LA, and the mechanics pulled it and cleaned in August. They ran a test when they reinstalled it with PTT and it
  8. I should say, after reading my post, I meant no offense to any Mack/Volvo Tech's. I know there are good ones out there, I just seem to have had a very unlucky couple of months, and my frustration level is through the roof.
  9. bbigrig, I have many questions about cracked injector tips. I am beginning to believe my DPF problems are coming from that, since I have replaced almost every element of the DPF system. I go into passive regen every 70-80 miles like clockwork. Then it goes to manual regen needed, then to urgent, then disspears and runs great for 70 more. It doesnt matter if I pull over for a parked regen, or just drive through it, same results, same cycle. Been to TEC in vegas, la mirada, eugene oregon, and portland. Been to Transport Equip in Missoula, Tri-State in Tupelo MS. Ive had it in 4 independant s
  10. Hi All! Barry Wilson, from Oregon. Im really excited to find this forum as I have owned my Pinnacle (CXU613) for about four months, and have had some very "trying" times so far. Im sure i'll have a chance to get into that down the road. Anyway, I currently pull OTR for Watkins and Shepard. Drove for them about 18 months in a company truck, and now Im "living the dream", in my own! Hahahaha! I wont get into all of my problems with dealerships and my truck in this intro, but I am interested in meeting people that have owned or serviced MP8's. I am also ordering PTT, and when it arrives I may
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