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  1. How practical would it be to plow commercially in a b81 in this day and age?
  2. there is one for the parking brake and one for the service brake. If you remove one and then step on the brakes air should come out the hole. If air comes out without stepping on the pedal then you have the parking brake switch. Air pressure makes the commotion on the service brake switch and interrupts the commotion on the parking brake switch. Good luck!!
  3. I believe those are fender flares off of late 80's r models.
  4. So what your saying is you know a thing or two about these trucks
  5. no, downtime is not enforced for time for the def system to regenerate, that is strictly for safety. Regens are not really a scheduled thing. You would not or could not get the truck to run a cycle manually unless you had a mack service computer. Depending on different variables i.e driver habits, terrain, size of load, system working properly could go quite a while without running a cycle. It is one of those things though that the light comes on on the dash and you have to do it though.
  6. It was mandated in November of 2007 that the emissions of diesel engines had to get a lot cleaner. The common solution was a particulate filter in the exhaust system that trapped pollution (particulates). As the filter clogged up, the trucks would run regeneration cycles to burn up this matter. This was accomplished by running a fuel line to a 7th injector in the filter assembly and burning up the particulates at a very high temperature. This would often require the truck to pull over off of the road an would take a good deal of time. This was all if the system worked correctly. There are many of cases where the truck is rendered dead on the side of the road or in safe mode(no power). In 2012 the newer more strict emissions standard came along forcing manufactures to abandon the diesel fueled injector in favor of burning urea to clean the filter. This system is in no means trouble free, but seems to have less bugs then the 2007 thru 2012 trucks. Also this wasn't a mack specific problem, it was industry wide(forced cat into a hiatus from the truck engine business)
  7. i don't know, to me it looks like it is still there on google maps
  8. 1930-1949 Had Ab's, Ac's, F chain drives, And the L's. Pretty tough to beat in my book
  9. Good Luck!! its definitely tempting, but I am trying to stay focused on an FJ right now.
  10. Found this nice looking Coca cola delivery truck on mecum. its getting auctioned next saturday. https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/AN1115-226631/0/1923-Mack-AB-Delivery-Truck/
  11. To me, when a dealership owns antiques, It shows that care about the what they are selling. That is always a good thing!!!
  12. I would't say that it would be impossible to get parts to rebuild that. You can get parts to rebuild ab's, ac's, and F model chain drives, so I am sure you can get parts. Matt Pfahl would know where to find them, but he doesn't come on here much anymore. He is restoring an AC for me now, so I talk to him every couple weeks. I will ask him next time we talk and let you know.
  13. there is one of those in the New Hampshire craigslist under a mack search
  14. there is an lj six wheel wrecker listed on craigslist in maine. Just search mack and it will come up for like $8500. Looks like a solid truck. By F model do you mean a cabover or an F chain drive? If you mean F chain drive, I know of some, but you will be in the $250,000 to $350,000 range by the time you complete the project.
  15. ohh trust me, I don't think i would be unsafe by any means. All I am saying is that if the truck was in an accident, your fault or not, the truck police could impound it and find you at fault because they would say the truck shouldn't have been on the road and therefore you are at fault. Its like changing out self adjusting slacks for manual ones. Are the manual ones better and offer more control over the adjustment of your brakes? Yea, but it is illegal. Like I said before, I don't believe you can change the gvw of a truck and if you can, I wouldn't want to assume taking 1, 2,or 3 leafs out of your pack would make it sufficient for 44,000 lbs. At least by changing the tandem out you are installing a "system" engineered for 44k therefore in a way covering your ass
  16. I spent Wednesday with Gary at his place, That place is incredible!
  17. yea, 58's are pretty much like riding a hardtail empty. I just thing putting a 44 tandem on would be the safest bet
  18. I don't even know how you would go about having it rated and certified
  19. I really think that removing leafs would create problems. If the truck were ever in an accident and it was found to have been "altered" from design it would be almost certainly be found that the truck was at fault.
  20. I think I would look for a cut off with 44 rears and maybe sell the 58"s. There is a lot of extra metal there to be pulling around if you are not carrying the weight
  21. if the Robinson auction is any indication, the green and red AC could easily bring more then 20 grand. By the pictures, it looks better then the Robinson "restored" Ac that sold for like $26,000. I wonder if being in Michigan will lower the value some?
  22. I guess that proves my reading comprehension skills to be at a lower level!
  23. i had an autocar do the same thing once and it was the carrier bearing but it showed no signs of being worn. I ended up replacing it because I had tried everything else and voila
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