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  1. I believe that it was AP's and AC-6's that built the hoover dam, but they may have used FC's too. Ron Carey has one of the AP's. Awesome truck!
  2. my guess would be that you will see granites around 30 to 50 years in the future. don't get me wrong, I love B81's, but granites are awesome trucks too. Take a 2003 cv713 for example. I found one for sale on crags this summer with 82,000 miles on it. E7-427 with a mack 18 speed. Awesome truck,looked like the day someone bought it. There is no reason why that truck won't be around in 30 years if it is in the right hands. I have a 1998 rd688sx with the exact specs, 130,000 miles on it. It has a light workload and it lives in a heated and air conditioned shop. The truck is like new and its almost 20 years old. It will be around in 30 years. That being said, I have seen similar units abused that look like clapped out turds not fit for the road. Remember a lot of b81's ARE NOT still around. They were run hard, wore out, and discarded. Nothing has changed, the cream puffs will survive and the rest will go by the wayside.
  3. That being said, I think I would rather be driving the granite
  4. I like them, they are like a newer version of an fk
  5. I would say it would be a no go. There are other transmissions that would work way better with the 300plus. That transmission would always be one footful of throttle away from destruction. I would use a mack 7 or 12 speed if I were you.
  6. is the only difference between a ctp713(axle forward) and a gu713 that the gu has the burn chamber to meet nov. 2007 emissions?
  7. Your not side stepping me, but I appreciate it. Anytime one of these projects ends up in the hands of someone that will get it put back together I am happy. Good luck and let me know how you make out Ed
  8. Moderate interest. He says that the frame is botch a little bit. I have an AC getting restored by Matt Pfahl right now, so its not like I don't already have one, but I do like the chain drives.
  9. I talked to him the other day, He seems like he has at least one whole truck and more in parts including all the plagues etc. from Gary Mahan. He is looking for like 20 grand for the the whole kit and caboodle.
  10. get home and realize you only have a cab and chassis
  11. ohhh no.... thats where my dump body went. I hate when this happens
  12. and its not the one in the picture with a 711, it has a 673t in it.
  13. It is for a municipality. I have a couple loaders on with a town plowing and the superintendent is trying to get me to put some plow trucks on as well. I am hesitant to put a plow on one of my newer 10 wheelers because I don't want the salt eating on my shiny aluminum tanks. I found a running B81 with a plow and I am just curious how outrageous it would be to put the old girl to work.
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