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  1. That being said, I think I would rather be driving the granite
  2. I like them, they are like a newer version of an fk
  3. I would say it would be a no go. There are other transmissions that would work way better with the 300plus. That transmission would always be one footful of throttle away from destruction. I would use a mack 7 or 12 speed if I were you.
  4. is the only difference between a ctp713(axle forward) and a gu713 that the gu has the burn chamber to meet nov. 2007 emissions?
  5. Your not side stepping me, but I appreciate it. Anytime one of these projects ends up in the hands of someone that will get it put back together I am happy. Good luck and let me know how you make out Ed
  6. Moderate interest. He says that the frame is botch a little bit. I have an AC getting restored by Matt Pfahl right now, so its not like I don't already have one, but I do like the chain drives.
  7. I talked to him the other day, He seems like he has at least one whole truck and more in parts including all the plagues etc. from Gary Mahan. He is looking for like 20 grand for the the whole kit and caboodle.
  8. get home and realize you only have a cab and chassis
  9. ohhh no.... thats where my dump body went. I hate when this happens
  10. and its not the one in the picture with a 711, it has a 673t in it.
  11. It is for a municipality. I have a couple loaders on with a town plowing and the superintendent is trying to get me to put some plow trucks on as well. I am hesitant to put a plow on one of my newer 10 wheelers because I don't want the salt eating on my shiny aluminum tanks. I found a running B81 with a plow and I am just curious how outrageous it would be to put the old girl to work.
  12. How practical would it be to plow commercially in a b81 in this day and age?
  13. there is one for the parking brake and one for the service brake. If you remove one and then step on the brakes air should come out the hole. If air comes out without stepping on the pedal then you have the parking brake switch. Air pressure makes the commotion on the service brake switch and interrupts the commotion on the parking brake switch. Good luck!!
  14. I believe those are fender flares off of late 80's r models.
  15. So what your saying is you know a thing or two about these trucks
  16. no, downtime is not enforced for time for the def system to regenerate, that is strictly for safety. Regens are not really a scheduled thing. You would not or could not get the truck to run a cycle manually unless you had a mack service computer. Depending on different variables i.e driver habits, terrain, size of load, system working properly could go quite a while without running a cycle. It is one of those things though that the light comes on on the dash and you have to do it though.
  17. It was mandated in November of 2007 that the emissions of diesel engines had to get a lot cleaner. The common solution was a particulate filter in the exhaust system that trapped pollution (particulates). As the filter clogged up, the trucks would run regeneration cycles to burn up this matter. This was accomplished by running a fuel line to a 7th injector in the filter assembly and burning up the particulates at a very high temperature. This would often require the truck to pull over off of the road an would take a good deal of time. This was all if the system worked correctly. There are many of cases where the truck is rendered dead on the side of the road or in safe mode(no power). In 2012 the newer more strict emissions standard came along forcing manufactures to abandon the diesel fueled injector in favor of burning urea to clean the filter. This system is in no means trouble free, but seems to have less bugs then the 2007 thru 2012 trucks. Also this wasn't a mack specific problem, it was industry wide(forced cat into a hiatus from the truck engine business)
  18. i don't know, to me it looks like it is still there on google maps
  19. 1930-1949 Had Ab's, Ac's, F chain drives, And the L's. Pretty tough to beat in my book
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