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  1. Name: Mack CH612 (2001) Date Added: 01 January 2009 - 09:43 AM Owner: Tractor Kid Short Description: 6 Wheel 10yd dump truck View Vehicle
  2. Hey guys, im back- Were getting ready to put strobe lights in the headlights and tail lights of our CH. Any ideas of where to find them online? Thanks, Ben-- keep the tires on the tar
  3. I cannot say about B's because I cannot remeber what that was like, but the way the R I used the other had and our CH, nither one had much black smoke. The later model Macks seem to be very clean.
  4. What was the reason of the offset cab, and from when to when were these made? Thanks, Ben (just tryin to learn everything I can)
  5. yea, we have done that but Idon't think I ever checked on it the next day. I will have to try that next time we have it on the road and see what happens. Thank you, Ben
  6. Hi, we have a CH-612 overnight the air pressure will drop from operating pressure down to below 60 pounds, I know that the air switch on the gear shift (Eaton-Fuller 9 Speed) leaks, you can hear it in the cab, will this bring it down that low overnight or is there something else? Thanks, Ben
  7. is it just a close up and down when you first start the truck, or is it a broad up and down all the time? Whoa, that was way outdated, I'm sorry.
  8. Ok, thanks, I didn;t know if the was like a sub model or something, that clears it up Ben in RI
  9. Ever since my uncle bought his mack CH612 I have wondered what model this truch is. Meaning pinacle, granite, etc. The truck is an ex-horse, daycab dumptruck. Tractor Kid
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