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  1. I have a Mack LEU that the Mack Dealership couldn't fix, on a pretty new truck. After the Variable Geometery Turbo (VGT) failed we had a new code pop up. Data-link J1939 Can 2. Tech Tool said ACM offline due to J1939 Can 2 missing signal. The ACM was tested and works fine. the Turbo was installed correctly and calibrated. we tore apart the wiring harness for the ACM no faults were found. We checked all fuses. followed the twisted yellow and green Can 2 wires. We also broke open the sealed engine wiring harness by the turbo and it was normal as well. I need locations for the Terminating resistors. but also We found engine oil wicking to the ECU would this be the fault, or do i need to trace the entire J1939 circuit? any help is worth it thank you. Replaced the Batteries as well
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