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  1. Looks great!! How did you manage to run the singles in the rear? Thanks Chris
  2. If I read the sign right in front of the truck it is owned by got-a-go Inc and was built by crock custom trucks and I think it says Caldwell ohio. If that's true that isn't far from me at all. But I can't find a website. Maybe a phone call is on order lol Chris
  3. I love that grey one with the spokes would love to have it as well! I did a reverse image search and it linked me here.http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/36767-enf707c/ appearently the guy is a member here and was selling the engine out of the truck. Chris
  4. Now that looks awesome! I wonder how they singled out the rear?Chris
  5. Both trucks look great! Wobblin-Goblin, what size tires is your uncle running? Thanks Chris
  6. Great pictures!!! I wonder how long it took them to get from point a to b lol Chris
  7. Thank you all!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Yes I do try and keep it clean, well as clean as a rock bucket can get. Thanks, Chris
  8. I would love to have one for a daily driver as well. I wonder how much metal work would be involved in a conversion. As in the fenders and if they had to narrow the hood or anything. Or like in the case of the yellow truck just run bigger tires.. Chris
  9. First of all please don't kill me yet. If this sort of stuff is frowned upon here. Anyway, I was searching for pictures of b models, nothing in particular, and came across pictures of people converting b models to pickups. I have been searching all morning (I'm bored lol) and just pictures. No info on the build etc. So anyway here are some pictures I found on google. I like the yellow one,yes I will admit to that,just lose the stacks. But all in all they are interesting and if anyone knows anything about them please share. Thanks, Chris
  10. Thank you all for the welcomes! Chris
  11. I would just like to stop and say hello and thank you for this forum! I drive an r model daily and I would love to find a b model to fix up and have fun with! I will see if I can post a picture of my daily ride. If I did it right there it is lol. It has a 300 Mack that has been tuned up eaton 15 speed (used to be a Maxitourqe 8) and Mack rears. Not sure of the ratio. Chris
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