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  1. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    Thanks for the help. I got it adjusted and it is running great.
  2. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    I do appreciate the responses!
  3. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    I deserve the response, I was ignorant. When I am stupid I admit it.
  4. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    The plugs are still in place. I screwed up the valve adjustment will redo tomorrow, hopefully I didn't break anything. Like I said stupid mistake.
  5. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    OK thanks I obviously made a stupid mistake. Not my first probably not my last!
  6. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    I have the manual and the valve lash is .02 to.028 with the jake.
  7. Blue Ox

    exhaust valve lash

    I have a 2000 ch613 with e7 460. The jake was dropping out so pulled the valve covers to check it out. I found the exhaust valves had 1/4 inch lash. Adjusted them to .025 and tried to start it. The engine wouldn't fire. Backed the adjustment for the valves back closer to what they were before and it starts but sounds like the jake is on. I have had the truck for about 3 years and had not touched the engine before and don't have any past history on it. Any ideas on what the problem is?

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