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  1. Yes I kick myself every day for selling old faithful that truck never let me down, the guy I sold it to runs it 20 hours a day and the only time it’s been down is for maintenance I still have a 1986 Mack I’m never selling it!! It gets 6.5 mpg with the EM6
  2. I totally agree with that joeH as far as I’m concerned this is their last chance to get this truck right and if they can’t figure out what’s wrong this time they might as well go ahead and get me a new truck cause I’m going to raise hell until they do,this month makes 15 months they have been working on this truck,totally ridiculous it would have been cheaper on Mack to have replaced this truck long ago they said their cost on the engine alone was around $27,000 not counting all the labor and parts they changed and sending engineers here to diagnose and install data recorders and if the transmission has to be replaced I don’t know what that would cost them
  3. Thanks 1965 I’m not sure this truck can be fixed, I think it’s cursed lol nobody has mentioned anything about reimbursement if they ever get it running right we will have that conversation
  4. So I got a phone call from the head of customer relations talked to him about 30 minutes said he needed to talk to all the people involved in this and he would get back to me, he called today and said they want to send another engineer to me Monday to install a second data recorder to monitor the transmission he said they think the transmission might be causing the engine to derate said this data recorder will have a button for me to push when the truck acts up, so here we go again I’ll keep you updated.
  5. Fjh they have changed the scr one box and they replaced the turbo a year ago this month only thing they haven’t changed is the fuel system and the wiring harness the service manager thinks it might be the new turbo they installed but they won’t replace it. I sat down yesterday and emailed Martin Weissburg the president of Mack Trucks took me 2 hours to write everything I wanted to say I didn’t think it would do any good but he replied back to me and said he would have someone contact me tomorrow I was impressed that he emailed me back on a Saturday so we will see what they come up with
  6. Yes the engine is in after being in the shop for 3 weeks and guess what the truck still isn’t running right! Having the same symptoms as before and they told me they don’t know what to do to it, they changed the ecm this week didn’t do anything for it so I had to take it to them loaded and let them drive it with computer hooked to it but they say everything is showing good I have put 1,500 miles on new engine and it’s getting 3.9 to 4.1 miles per gallon still has the vibration and severe turbo lag I’m at my wits end with this truck and the people from Mack I guess I’m going to have to get a lawyer and see what my options are.I’ll keep you guys updated.
  7. Thought I would give you guys a update, well after 7 weeks my engine finally came In yesterday.I was originally told it would take 2 weeks imagine that, so truck goes in Monday morning to get it installed they said they can do it in 30 hours so you can probably double that. I will update when they get it installed.
  8. Ok guys after almost a year of Mack working on my truck they have finally decided to put a new engine in my truck! The data recorder showed absolutely nothing engineering said there was nothing wrong with the truck they have changed so many parts I’ve lost count , truck started using oil and has a terrible vibration, they brought another engineer in last week and he had them drop the oil pan and inspect the pistons and they found they were scored so they called me today and said they were going to replace the engine only took 11-1/2 months but they have to order everything so it will probably be another month before everything is done.I will keep you posted
  9. They still changing parts on this truck and nothing has helped but they finally got a data logger installed this week after a 3 month wait, engineer had them change vcb sensor and another sensor on the filter base and something else that required dropping the oil pan, the engineer wanted to know what oil they had been putting in my truck and apparently they have been putting the wrong oil in my truck he said there was a specific oil for the common rail engines and they haven’t been using it so I have to go back and let them change the oil I don’t know if this will cause any harm to the engine or not so I guess it’s up to this data logger to figure out what’s going on with this truck not sure how long it will have to be installed, truck will be a year old August 17 So that’s where I’m at I will update when I know more
  10. I did get my foot valve changed and that fixed that problem thanks Mackpro for all your help on that!
  11. They said Mack probably would not replace the truck because I’m still able to use the truck I said yes I can still use it but it’s not running right it’s burning excessive fuel not to mention all the downtime Friday truck got 4 mpg Saturday it got 7.9mpg it fluctuates like this every day most of the time it’s in the 3 to 5 mpg it should be in the 6 to 8 mpg range, I just wonder how long it would take them to change out the engine.
  12. Well got the EGR differential pressure sensor and EGR valve changed and it didn’t change anything, so talked to the dsm and engineer and they said they want to change a couple more sensors and see if that does anything and if that don’t fix it they are going to replace the engine, so I will update when I have more info.
  13. I agree 1965 I talked to him about that and he said Mack would do something and he would check on that for me, he said he wasn’t aware how long this had been going on said this should have been taken care of long ago, the service manager I have been dealing with at the dealership took another job so now I don’t have his knowledge so I’m at the mercy of the dsm and Mack engineer’s
  14. Update, I finally got in touch with someone at Mack and got the ball rolling they sent a engineer down to the dealership and I spent most of the day with him he checked my truck out real good he did about a hour of testing with his computer hooked up and as with all the other testing nothing noticeable showed up. I took him for a ride and showed him what it is doing and after that he thinks it’s EGR related he told the service manager to order a EGR pressure sensor and EGR valve, he said he is going to analyze all the data he recorded to make sure he didn’t miss anything.this guy was very knowledgeable everything he said made sense so we will see the sensor came in but still waiting on the valve soon as they get everything installed I will give you guys a update.
  15. mackcat12


    I was told 9 months and after that the price would be higher I bought the 5 year 250,000 mile warranty
  16. Thanks Mackpro is Mack going to fix this or is this a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease
  17. They just replaced mine this week had p20EE code about 7 times
  18. Mackpro what is the fix for this my 2018 granite is doing this too
  19. I have questioned them about the EGR and EGR cooler and they said the truck wouldn’t be running if it was either of them and it would throw codes, it has throwed the EGR code once and they couldn’t find anything wrong I have complained about the turbo not working right since all this started they did change it because the original one would not calibrate but it still isn’t working like it’s suppose to you can count to 10 before it gets any boost then it’s real weak you can barely hear the turbo. Mackpro they keep telling me the data logger is the answer I’ve been waiting almost 6 weeks for one to show up district manager said they were going to bring in someone to install it I’m only about a hour and a half from world headquarters in Greensboro I told him I wanted a new truck and he said Mack probably wouldn’t do that because I’m still able to use the truck. I need to find out who to talk to at Mack that might do something for me.
  20. I got my truck back and the one box change didn’t help the power issue but it did fix the nox issue code p20EE I asked them if they had checked the new turbo that they installed and they said no so I told them I wanted them to check it because it had bad turbo lag and it’s real faint they installed a manual gauge at the turbo and drove it and said there is a 15 pound difference from the manual gauge to the computer on the truck so they sent that info to Mack now we wait and see what Mack is going to do next.so tired of this shit!!!
  21. Thought I would give y’all a update still dealing with all the problems they are installing a new complete scr one box today hope to have it back tomorrow and we will see if this does anything for it, been waiting for a data recorder for over a month they say Mack only has about 5 data recorders for all of the United States and they are all tied up ain’t this just a bunch of bullshit!! Going on 7 months trying to fix this truck problems started @ 7200 miles truck has over 21,000 miles on it now. I will let you know if this latest parts change does any good.
  22. Thanks HeavyGunner I’m hoping that they are going to do the right thing and keep me as a customer.
  23. This has been the most frustrating thing ever I have never owned anything but Mack trucks for over 25 years and I absolutely love this granite but it has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth I just want it fixed, I have been very patient probably too patient with them . I talked to my dealer today and he said Mack will be in touch with me next week I’m going to tell them it’s time to replace this truck, I will keep you guys updated as soon as I find out something.
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