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  1. Must have been the same truck I saw on 91 last week. Looked very new.
  2. Ex-White Oak DM at the IUOE 478 hall 2stacksuperdog doing his thing with Grimace at the local DOT salt shed My friend's 1967 DM815 waiting to get restored eventually. Spent most of its life as a tractor with a 864, then that blew and got a reman 285 put in and a few years later the dump body was added. Will likely be a tractor again. Side note...last few months I've seen one each new International and Paccar tractors for Herb Holden. Manafort's KWs seem to be multiplying. Tilcon dumped 3 R models at the auction this week: 2 ex-Balf lube trucks and a water truck.
  3. Denis Yaworski's beautiful R model at his yard about a year and a half ago. Thought it made a good photo op with my F350.
  4. Time to reboot this thread. VMS Construction's triaxle in the yard in Vernon Southington Highway Dept. pretreating with the RD. They also have a steelnose S/A and a Granite rolloff.
  5. My club is having it's annual springtime gas-up this weekend May 4-5. Antique tractors, construction equipment, engines, sawmills, good flea market. We have a few trucks including a B61 and R607 running around but would be cool if we got a few Macks or whatever you got show up for show. Could be a warm-up to the Yankee Candle show. $5 per person admission, 12 and under free. Antique vehicles including trucks are also free! We are at 544 Amston Rd. (rt. 85) Colchester, CT, on the Hebron line, mile and a half north of downtown Colchester and Rt. 2. http://www.zagrayfarmmuseum.org
  6. Looks like we may be losing another Mack holdout. Just saw a brand new Volvo on 84 all done up for Herb Holden.
  7. Campanella Corp. was a big contractor and materials provider here in the New England states. Originally they were Campanella & Cardi Construction before the two families split in 1968. Campanella went out of business in the mid-80s but Cardi Corporation is still a major player in the construction and materials business in Rhode Island and Connecticut (and runs a big fleet of Macks new and old). C&C ran mostly Mack with a few Autocars. Ls, Bs, Hs, Rs, DMs, you name that Mack model, they had it. I see your truck is still in Palmer Paving livery. Palmer Paving Corp. out of Palmer, Massachusetts is still in business as well and maybe they can help with some of the info you desire. If you are on Facebook, there are plenty of groups relating to old Macks and antique construction equipment such as the Historical Construction Equipment Association and the Rockbusters. The Rockbusters group is made of primarily northeast US members and has lots of info and photos related to Campanella. Good luck!
  8. Saw one of H.I. Stone's R-models cleaned up and running trailerless through Hartford yesterday. Tilcon had one of their CHs delivering barriers to the staging yard on Rt. 2 in Glastonbury today. Also saw one of the RD triaxles getting a ride on a lowboy...hope they aren't dumping them yet.
  9. I'll be moving to the Moorestown area sometime this spring. My girlfriend's family is there so won't be going west to gas country. I should also add that I don't yet have a CDL, so are there any companies willing to train new guys?
  10. I'm central CT born and raised and love it here, however, my girlfriend and I are considering a move to south Jersey near where her family is, just outside Philly. I've always wanted to work on a big excavating or road project. Who are the good companies in NJ/eastern PA to look into down there? I know there are some guys on here who live in that area.
  11. Don't know that company's name but I know there was someone down that way that had an ex-Arute 1974 DM800 lowbed tractor with a winch. It was in this color last time I saw it.
  12. Didn't think they had anything that big. Guess I'm going hunting after work tomorrow...
  13. Who's Euc in the background? Not a lot of rigid frame off roaders left here.
  14. Gotcha. Lot of trucks coming and going now that it's open season. My grandpa and all the guys from Marek and Mastrobattisto used to swim in the ponds down there after work in the 60s.
  15. I saw a couple American trucks on 384 yesterday headed west. Haven't seen them around in a couple years til then. You were right in my neighborhood! I'd recognize that Mobil anytime. Trucks always coming and going in there.
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