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  1. 8 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    Well worked out better than expected. I got a really nice kitchenette room in a town one hour away from the job. A very nice couple from Wisconsin bought a motel up here and totally renovated it, so it is all new. Very nice place and very nice people. The Outdoorsman in Wawa, Ontario.

    Still ice on the small lakes and it snowed today. Was nice the first part of the week though.


    Looks like a nice " home away from home" . 

    Shows what a big province we live in. You still have ice and snow. We are cutting grass and job sites are dusty . 

    The western stars look good. :thumb:

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  2. 15 hours ago, alex g said:

    Good pic. Did you time that out with train?


    14 hours ago, Vladislav said:

    Looks like he did. And even matched the color. Good job :thumb:

    Not really, lol .  The first pics  I took didn't have the train. Then the train went by so I figured I would grab some more pics. They generally don't go very fast past my place . So very easy to get pics. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Whiskymack said:

    When Mack brought out the Higher mount R700 in the 70's they must have kept the same radiator as on the earlier models. This meant that the lower edge of the radiator top tank became visible at the top of the opening in the hood and the only way to disguise this was to apply a grill.

    Thanks for the explanation Whiskymack. It sounds logical to me. To help reinforce what you said, I will add some pics. You can see clearly, the bottom of the rad tank is visible without the grill, and I also added a pic to show how close the grill is to the shutters . Just out of curiosity I measured, and the R700 grill opening is 2.5 inches wider than the R600 opening. I also have a pic of an R600 with rad shutters. You can see that the hood covers the rad tank . 





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  4. Thanks for sharing story and pics. I think thats really interesting. 

    Unfortunately, I don't have anything with a tip turbine or even access to one. I can only share a parts list from PAI . I'm not sure if this helps you at all. No big loss if it doesn't . 

    It appears your looking for a Mack part # 314GB41C. Hopefully someone corrects me if i'm wrong.  A lot of parts that are no longer available at Mack/Volvo are still available at PAI .  

    Good Luck . 







  5. 10 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    had a fight with my township this winter. Even got my government involved. Found out my township gets $500,000 a winter for road maintenance and they have never spent over $50,000.

    The same township that's sitting on that money probably says your triaxle is only worth $52.00/hr for roadwork or hauling snow I'll bet. 

  6. 2 hours ago, GreenGiant2 said:

    That's the rare bird. Based on a td-9 chassis. Who's machine.

    Thats amazing ,that its based on a TD-9. Sure doesn't resemble one . 

    Its James Dick's. Its the machine that's in the very first post. He's a very nice man  that likes to see history preserved . He has saved a lot of old iron from being turned into pop cans and razor blades. 

  7. With what's going on these days. I've had some extra time for looking at things on the inter web .  I've been chatting with others about old tractors and construction equipment. 

    I thought It was interesting that one of my searches led me here. Back to the BMT website. 


    I know this loader. I haven't run it, or even heard it running. I was just fortunate to get a bit of a personal tour form one of the owners employees. 

    Thanks 41 chevy ,for the great run down on it . Its very interesting. 

    Thats me on it, fall of 2013.  














  8. I have been helping a friend out. One of our jobs was changing doors on a Granite dumptruck.

    My question.

    The doors we got ,came from the states off  an ABF truck. On top of the door ,above the window is a metal bracket with a big round pin. 

    Curiosity has got the best of me. I can't figure what the bracket is. I'm thinking its for a safety harness or something. But don't really know. 

    If anyone could shine a light on it ,I would appreciate it. 

    I've enclosed pics of the bracket .




  9. 33 minutes ago, Bullheaded said:

    Back in the late 90's and 2000's I hauled wood chips.

    Sorry to sideline this a little.........

    Did you haul wood chips to Domtar in Huntsville. I used to haul sawdust there in the middle, late 90's from manufacturing plants just north of Toronto. I used to take it Brantford for paper too . I seem to remember that alot of the chips came from northern Ontario. I could be wrong though. 

  10. On 3/31/2020 at 4:27 PM, Vladislav said:

    The idea was to keep SGT general appearance but put some improvements

    It looks amazing Vlad. I really like how you kept some of the SGT appearance . Just for the simple fact I remember seeing those trucks on the road. They always stood out. We actually called them Slime Green Trucks. So I really like how you changed the color slightly and added metallic . 

    These old trucks all have a story to tell. And by you keeping some of the SGT general appearance , you help keep that part of the story alive. Then with your changes, you just add to the story.  

    You're doing a great job Vlad !  look forward to seeing more progress.



    There  would't  be a world tour with it by any chance.    :whistling:   

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  11. 32 minutes ago, alex g said:

    Keith was that old Ford one of your Dad's?

    Yes it was Alex.  After living in sanders for 3 winters ,I was able to get a contract for a plow ,and put my own plow on. A 1979 International S series with a DT 466 and a 13 speed. 

  12. 20 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    I used to like that sanding job. It was nice and simple back then. You didn't have to deal with all those liquid de-icing agents and crap. And you could put out how ever much material you wanted to.


    O the good old days. When you had a simple hydraulic controller to set spinner and conveyor . And your supervisor trusted you to put down the amount of product you thought was appropriate for the conditions.   

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