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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! Any idea why fault code 3-5 would only show up intermitently when under load?? if im standing on the pedal there should be no reason for any current to the engine brake?
  2. There is also code 3-5 that shows up intermitently under load.
  3. Hmmmm is a 2003 cx613 with E7 460p a vmac III? Guess that would have helped. Sorry for being so vague!
  4. I and wondering if someone can tell me what fault code 8-5 is or is there a link where it can be looked up along with other relavent information. Thanks.
  5. not sure if i should start a new thread or just keep on with this one but I've finally got some miles on my truck and have some questions maybe someone on here could help me out with. The throttle response on the pedal seems rather finicky when shifting, sometimes when i let off to shift and pull it outta gear the rpms drop to idle yet it seems i am still pressing on the pedal. Is this kinda normal for these trucks? I've read on here something about a throttle response upgrade? Another thing i noticed is with the boost pressure, it seems to have some lag when stepping on the pedal to accelerat
  6. Ohhh, that makes sense now. I felt kinda dumb asking but glad i did none the less. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Can anyone tell me about the ntrl switch on a 03 mack vision. What its for and when to use it etc...
  8. I found the recommendations on the mack website. Next question though is can anyone tell me the difference between using SAE 50w oil in the transmission versus synthetic 75W-90? Is one better than the other?
  9. Can anyone tell me what oil mack recommends in the diffs (RD462 with diff locks) and the transmission (18spd maxitorque)
  10. Thanks for the info bbigrig, my engine has a wastegate turbo on it so maybe it is the 485hp engine. i plan to pull super b's with it and will be grossing at least 120,000. i pulled the plugs and there was a few little pieces of steel on the magnets of both diffs but I'm thinking the oils is pretty old, maybe original, and since it has diff locks maybe they were engaged while still spinning once and made a few pieces… hopefully nothing serious. Heres a pic of the beast
  11. Engine tag said 460… didn't look on the door. But could the plain 460 be reflashed to put out 485? Brought it home today to give it a good check over. Just rolled under with a creeper briefly and found a u joint a little loose and the yoke on the front diff is loose. output shaft on the front diff has some up and down movement ( a few thousandths) as well not sure if thats enough for concern though?? couple loose clamps on the power steering hoses and the centrimax housing seems to be leaking as well. Is that just an o ring? Other than that it seems pretty tight. I plan to take the oil plugs
  12. pretty good description here with diagram! http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/7899-tip-turbine-cool-power-hows-it-work/
  13. Thanks guys, how would i be able to tell if it is the 460 XT? As far as I know (which is limited) the 460XT is just a reflash of the ECM, different turbo, and injectors? would i be able to tell by the turbo? if so how?
  14. Thanks for the welcomes! So far all I have found on this site with regards to engines are a few complaints about lacking power and an issue with the rocker bolts… doesn't seem to bad
  15. Ummm well that's what I'm asking… can you be more specific what those concerns are?
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