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  1. On 6/12/2020 at 12:31 PM, Terry T said:

    Being that it's a "bus" (SBFA) wouldn't that make it a 9700?  My memory isn't what it use to be but I thought all 9670's were set forwards fronts.  The 9800 then came along with the "flat-floor" Pro Sleeper. I got the opportunity to nose around in the prototype Pro Sleeper at the Navistar Design Center back in the day. Ironically it was in JB Hunt colors.

    You would be correct. Now the 9800's could be axle forward or set back.  But this is a 9700

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  2. If the trucks birthday is Jan 2000 then chances are the engine was built in 1999.  If that's the case it is exempt from ELD.  Friend runs a 2000 Freightliner. Gets a lot to see his ELD. Tips the hood, shows them the 1999 engine build date and he is exempt 

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  3. So my local dealer tells me the hand primer is obsolete.  They did give me the following part #. Old # is 318GC17C. New # is 5479-102077.  Does anybody have an idea where I may buy a pump?  Mine is leaking fuel in a steady stream.  Thanks in advance

  4. This may be a dumb question but...     I have been looking for an air ride seat for my over the road truck. Easy enough except I want a Red seat.  Cant find one any where. Also as its going in a COE I don't want a wide seat. Plus I don't want to grow into the width of the seat.  My current seat is comfortable but its Tan. When you open the door on a COE its staring you in the face. My interior is red. Is it to much to ask for a Red seat?

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