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  1. 13 hours ago, JoeH said:

    By allergy do you mean algae? There's a fungicide fuel treatment you can use. Kills it, but nothing's going to dissolve it. Pretreat fuel with it when you fill a truck up. 

    Yes that's what I ment.  I use Lucas for the lubrication part but im wondering how best to prevent the algae?

  2. I was talking to a Gentlemen the other day who said he runs 2  cycle oil in his fuel for his old 3406A. Has  anybody ever tried this?  He claims it will keep the alleregy  from forming in the fuel

  3. Guess I missed the issue. Central Hydraulics like most any other plow truck.   When they get to be 20 years old then your chasseing rusty hose ends.   Ive seen people buy a truck to turn into a plow truck. The truck is the cheap part. Its the Hydraulics that is expensive 

  4. The "Wispering Giant"  I believe Mack called the E9.   Heard my first E9 back in 1988. Ran along side for miles. Got hooked then & there. Never sounds like they're working. Just kinda lumbering along

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  5. 11 hours ago, Superdog said:

    no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner

    So is that "Level 1"  or "Level 2" interior? Or didn't  Mack offer 3 levels in early Cruiseliners?

  6. 2 hours ago, Superdog said:

    Had a guy call me yesterday needing parts for an older Mack,(2002)because dealer said parts were NLA,wiring harness for ECM. Guess I'm going to have to start making room for CX's in the back yard,now.


    Try getting parts for a Cruiseliner with an E9 in it.    Thankfully the local Mack parts folks try to be helpful

  7. On 4/3/2019 at 9:34 PM, Swishy said:

    Lota tyre to air up



    What then was said to be the largest tank semi-trailer ever built for highway service was operating in Michigan 45 years ago. The 17,000-gallon Super Tanker gasoline transporter featured 11 axles, with three capable of lifting for better maneuverability. The tanker, powered by an International tractor, boasted the maximum length (55 feet), height (13½ feet), weight (152,000 pounds) and axles (11) allowed at the time, and cost $75,000.



    Wonder how many times the driver caught his foot on the rubber guard over the steer tire

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