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  1. Northern tip of lower Michigan (Charlevoix)
  2. ETECH 460, 18sp, 3.86 ratio. 12 front 40 rear on air ride. Low miles on o'haul (approx. 150k) and almost no miles on new cam and rear head (under 500 mi). Nice little 50" sleeper truck (sleeper has about 9" of space between mattress and front wall). The only things that I am aware of it needing are a short piece of flex pipe and possibly a plastic res. tank for the cooling system. I am asking less than I have in it. Would like $13000. I have over 9k just into the cam job. Too many projects and too many trucks. I have to let this one go.
  3. http://nmi.craigslist.org/hvo/4943662209.html So, it runs real well. Have not been driving it, other than to bring it home from the Mack shop (250miles). Make me a good offer. I don't have to sell, but would like the money back to get a shop for myself.
  4. Well, new update. Headed to the Vet (Mack shop) tomorrow morning to get the CH back. I plan to get it back on the road over the next couple of weeks But; if someone wants it. I would be open to offers to reclaim my money. The vet bill is almost 10K, so don't think you will buy it for a song and dance. It would be real dollars (over 16k: what I currently have into it) or I will smile while driving it. Oh, and for those that think they might like to give it a boat ride, don't bother. It might not be a classic, but it is a Gold Dog!
  5. Dave, Go find a farmer with an old A or B John Deere and a hay wagon. Take it out to the field and play with it for a couple hours. Voila, you are now the man to back that truck up and make the jaws in the crowd hit the ground.
  6. Paul, I've wanted to come to your land and play truckie for years......... but if I have to wear pluggers to do it; my fantasy is no more. LOL A super trucker....... That's the guy that does it his way (most likely wrong) and if something goes wrong it was someone else's fault. He will also make sure the world knows that it would have been alright if it hadn't been for the other one that caused his plan to not work. Quite likely he is also the "radio Rambo" trying to tell everyone else on the road how to drive their trucks so that they aren't in HIS way!!!!
  7. I have a CS300 with a small crane that I use here around the yard and for farm purposes. They aren't a bad little truck. Paul, that's what most folks here call them too......... I call mine my Little French Bulldog. The CH is my Mack.
  8. They might be a turd......... but we had one in a Brockway back when I hauled sand and gravel. The ol' boy that drove it said, "yeah I wear ear plugs, but I can do 72mph uphill, downhill, loaded, or empty". And that was with 154,000lb MI trains. Oh, yeah, the sound of one of those twin six's will put any 350 chevy to shame. I agree guys, it'd be great longer with sleeper. I think it would be a fun piece of history to have and/or play with.
  9. ^Yeah, what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. I've wanted one of these for years. If I had the extra cash, I'd be all over it. Hope it goes to a good home if you do sell it.
  11. I agree with the guys sayin unloader (that is if they are referring to what I call a governor). I drove a truck with a triple 4 cummins years ago that would eat them. I pulled MI gravel trains with it (so mostly summers) and would replace it about twice a season. Carried one in the toolbox at all times. It would work fine one day, then, the next the same problem as yours. With eight axles and three places to wiggle behind you, not to mention the 150,000 plus pounds, the last problem you want is an issue with air. I say replace it, it isn't expensive and is very easy to change. I used to do it in the dark with a flashlight in about ten minutes.
  12. I am in the northern portion of Michigan's lower peninsula (approx. 50ish miles from the Mac. Bridge). The truck is currently in Detroit getting a new cam as well as the rear head. I don't think it will qualify as a mechanics special as of this coming week. I may still consider selling it, but it won't be near as cheap.
  13. Just to let anyone that may have been thinking about this know. I had it on the hook and dropped it off at the Vet. yesterday. Hopefully get it back all patched up and drinking diesel again by late in the week.
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