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  1. Hi, Yes the trucks are mine but there are only two in the photos... the B model & the Flintstone at different times in the years I've had it. The Flintstone now goes an awful lot harder than it did originally. When built; at Allentown in August,1966; it had a 711, quad box & 56,000lb rear end that gave 37mph in double overdrive. It now has a big cam 3 cummins with a 13 speed roadranger & 44,000lb dual range eatons on hendrickson walking beam suspension. ZF power steering makes going round corners a lot easier than the armstrong power steering... haha. The big cam 3 is something that makes it really get up & go. When I first built it, it was putting out 400hp @1300rpm & 475 @2100rpm but I did a cam lobe recently so when I fixed it we upped the pump a little so it should now be putting out 420 + hp@1300 & maybe as much as 520hp @ 2100. Not bad for a 41 year old truck that works every day. Good luck with your restoration.... I'm into classic motorcycles.... spend enough time working the truck for a living without spending my spare time with them... haha All the Best for Christmas & the New Year from Australia. Keith Jones
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