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  1. I had the same problem as you have. I only drive maybe 5000 miles a year and I did not want to go with a new cam, lifters, and pushrods. I bought one new lifter from Mack. I sent my cam and lifters to a cam grinder in colorado and he welded up the bad lobe and reground it. Then he reconditioned my lifters. Best I can remember is was about $450.00 for the labor and shipping. I have had my truck back together for 4 years now and no problems, maybe I was lucky, I don't know. The hardest thing about the whole job was getting the lifters to stay up while I inserted the cam. I used some telescoping
  2. There are no signs of external leakage. If I pressurize the system to 35psi and there was a coolant problem I would think the radiator cap is only rated at 8 to 12 psi. I do not believe it is pressure going into my coolant system or crankcase. Now the thermal expansion of the turbo might be a the best theory. When the boost "blows off" the sound seems to be coming from the area near the firewall, best I can tell which doesn't mean much, travelling 60 to 70 MPH with the hood down. Now the question is how do you test this. I will call around to a few turbo shops and see what I can dig up. I'll
  3. I have a problem that I am unable to remedy. My E-9 has a leak somewhere between the turbo and the combustion chamber. The problem only shows up when are on the high side of the transmission and in a good pull. You can watch the boost pressure guage go from arond 23 psi to no more that 10, sometimes 0 boost. The entire time that that you have this reduction in boost you can hear the whistling sound of an air leak. You can change the tone of the air leak with the throttle. Now if you were to stop or coast in nuetral for a few seconds the leak will seal itself off. You can keep it from blowing o
  4. did jacobs make a engine brake for the E-9? If so are there any still out there?
  5. I wish you a lot of luck on finding one. My B8136 had one, and over the past 4 years I have yet to find one. the only person that I know that hashad one on a truck one is Ed Kaserman. His wife told me that he sold the truck a few years ago. I do have a print and an operations manual but absolutley no luck in finding one. You could get them eighter in an axle-mount or a mid-mount configuration.
  6. I'm not sure, but I would guess that B81SX is not taking his medication. There is no need for this hostility. Why can't you let people express their views without being critical their punctuation or grammar. If you have a problem with Deo, or anyone else on this board, this message board is not the place to discuss them. I enjoy this message board and rarely post any messages. This board was developed for the free flow of ideas and personal experiences. This board was not designed for personal attacks on any group member. I would hope that if this is the course of action that you i
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